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Fic: Questions and Answers (Double Drabble #13)

Title: Questions and Answers
Word Count: 200
Booth, Brennan
Story Notes:
The following is a double drabble—200 word vignette—set in the future
A/N: As always, thank you for reading. All comments are cherished.
Warning:  Don't read this if you're not prepared for a little angst.

Booth does not cry, scream, or beg.  He sits in a pew that has borne the weight of countless human joys and sorrows and mouths one word.  Then he waits, cold hands folded.

The silence carries no answer, so he speaks the word aloud this time.  “Why?”  It echoes through the empty church.

No answer.

Booth blinks, and sees again the small, still body, soaked by rain.  “Why?”

The creaking of wood as he shifts serves as his only reply.

As he rises and wonders how he’ll tell Parker his classmate was kidnapped, tortured and left to rot in the woods, Booth doesn’t ask why He didn’t answer.  Because that why doesn’t matter.  The emptiness inside him is answer enough. 

After quietly shutting the front door, Booth moves through the shadows until his fingers brush familiar fabric.  He sits—until he can no longer differentiate between the darkness of the room and the darkness inside him.   

When she joins him, they don't speak.  Their breath counts the minutes...until she threads her sleep-warmed fingers through his.  Her touch doesn't make it ok, but it reminds him people can live without faith. 

Maybe he can learn to live without his. 


"Maybe he can learn to live without his."

Aaah! Like a shot through the heart! Those are some serious demons... wow.

Good job!

IMHO, Booth's a complicated guy. I suspect there's a lot of complexity beneath that smooth veneer. ;)

Thanks for reading and feeding!

So very sad and chilling. I guess that could make many people lose their faith.

I suspect it could. And whether Booth's is truly lost or not, at the very least it is shaken.

Thanks for commenting. Happy New Year to you and yours! *hugs*

excellent, as always.

the chill of the last line is balanced by the line before it. Neatly and gracefully done.

Thank you, my dear. :)

the chill of the last line is balanced by the line before it.

Perfect answers are rare in life. :\

That was incredibly well written. Tabu subject matter, but you made me believe Booth could reach that place where he questions his faith.

Thank you, Bec. Personally, I suspect Booth has already has moments where he's questioned his faith; he just hasn't mentioned them on the show.

This is yet another fantastic drabble. I can't seem to get enough. :)

What I like about this one is that Booth begins to understand Brennan's lack of spiritual belief, after seeing something so severe in his own eyes...finally (so to speak).
I love that he has these dark feelings and emotions running through his veins, and he goes to Brennan for comfort. I don't know if at this time period within this story they have established years of being together, but I get the feeling that they are, and the feeling that they are still "new" in the love relationship, perhaps not even officially yet. God, I sure hope that makes sense b/c reading it back it sounds like babbling, lol!
I am really loving the stories where they come together during the night, connecting in the dark with unspoken words. Yay!

This is yet another fantastic drabble. I can't seem to get enough. :)

Oh, thank you! That's good, because I can't seem to stop writing them. *g*

I don't know if at this time period within this story they have established years of being together...

I won't dictate that to you; it takes place whenever it makes sense to you.

You don't sound like you're babbling at all. :)

Thanks very much for your thoughtful comments. I love hearing how someone interpreted my writing. There's so much possibility in fiction...

(Deleted comment)
Your Lifetime comment made me laugh. :D

Now I want to wrap Booth up in a huge hug!

I know! *pets Booth*

Thanks, sweets!


This is the best drabble I have ever read. I have to admit I love angst.

Her touch doesn't make it ok, byt it reminds him people can live without faith.

Maybe he can learn to live without his.

Ouch. Amazing last lines.

I try not to write angst for angst's sake, but no one's life is free of sadness and doubt, so I think they're fair game to write about.

Glad you liked this drabble as a whole and especially the last two lines. I felt very sad for Booth, imagining him thinking that. :(

Thanks for the lovely comments, Melissa.

Whenever I see I new drabble by you, my face just lights up. This series is freaking fantastic, and this little drabble does not disappoint.

Thank you. That is so sweet. Just, thank you. :)

I'm glad this one didn't disappoint you.

oh wow. Ouch. Nice work, but just...wow.

I guess it was a bit sad, wasn't it?

Thanks for reading and feeding.

Pfft... angst, no kidding!!

But Brennan is always there to make things a little better. I wish she was here when I get angsty and miserable!

I wish she was here when I get angsty and miserable!

I bet you do. *g*

Thanks, sweets.

I've been lurking for a while, and I hope you don't mind, but I just wanted to say that this fic was absolutely beautiful and very well-written, as are all your drabbles in the series.

Does Brennan live without faith? I would say that she does have faith, just a different kind of faith from Booth's- he trusts in God, she puts her faith in science.

Hi there. Thank you for delurking. I promise I am very friendly and not prone to biting. ;)

I'm touched that you're enjoying my drabbles. Thank you for letting me know that.

I don't disagree with you about Brennan and faith, science, etc. But at least for the purposes of this drabble, Booth didn't see it that way. Or at least he didn't see her faith in science as being the same as religious faith.

Thanks for taking the time to comment; I appreciate it.

Very stark... I'm having trouble finding the words to describe my feelings (don't worry--that's a good thing. I'm just not very wordy this morning).

If anything will make Booth question his faith, I'm sure it will be related to children. Very well written.

I'm having trouble finding the words to describe my feelings

I often find myself in that boat, so I'm not one to judge. *g*

I could be wrong, but I have a niggling suspicion that Booth has questioned his faith on more than one occasion already, though they may not have shown those moments on the show. But that is just how I see him.

As always, thank you for reading and commenting, Piper. :)

Very well written and it's true there is no answer .

And yet people can't help asking the question. :)

Thank you very much.

I can see something like that causing Booth's faith to get a bit shaky, and at the same time that doesn't make the thought any less sad. The way you wove this together is gorgeous though, I love it.

Thanks, Ren. I agree that it's sad to see Booth like this. I may be totally off on this point, but I suspect that he's already questioned his faith; they just haven't shown that on the show.

Ooof! I agree with whoever said the last line was a shot to the heart :-) It wasn't what I expected! I thought the emptiness inside as answer meant he realized the killer was empty inside- and, projecting here, that maybe a little piece of him understood that. Thanks for writing such thoughtful drabbles. You've really learned to get to the heart of a moment.