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The Hollows Drabble: I'm Not the Dragon

Title: I'm Not the Dragon (1/1)
Fandom: The Hollows series of books, by Kim Harrison.

Characters: Trent Kalamack, Ivy Tamwood, Rachel Morgan (sort of)

Rating: K+ or PG

Spoilers: Through The Undead Pool

Word Count: 100

Summary: A missing-scene drabble (100 words) set during The Undead Pool. Ivy and Trent come to an understanding about Rachel. (Rachel/Trent, if you squint.)

Author's Note: The title is taken from "Litany In Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out," a poem by Richard Siken.

Disclaimer: Trent, Ivy, and Rachel belong to Kim Harrison, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.


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Ivy stalked toward him with lethal grace, not stopping until he realized her eyes glinted like obsidian, with only a razor-thin strip of brown.

"She's better than you, Kalamack."

"I know." He arched an eyebrow. "Better than both of us," he added, watching her mouth tighten. "Somehow she still loves you."

"She doesn't love you."

"Maybe not today. But perhaps one day..."

"Hurt her and I'll kill you. Rachel herself won't be able to stop me."

"I'd expect nothing less."

She blinked, then turned away.

"I'm not trying to take her away from you."

Her shoulders bowed. "You already have."

Tags: fic, morgan/kalamack, the hollows: fic

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