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Five Happy Things, gakked from the wise dabhug
Be Happy
In honor of dabhug, who used to post Five Happy Things -- and will hopefully return to LJ to do so once again.

Five Happy Things

1. Ghirardelli Midnight Reverie dark chocolate square(s) + a schmear of almond butter = OMGWTFBBQ
2. Having shelter, clothes, and food.
3. My Kindle.
4. Restarting a Buffy the Vampire Slayer rewatch and discovering I still love the show.
5. Borgen. I never expected to like a Danish TV show this much, given that I don't understand a word of Danish, but subtitles and great acting help. 
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Aw! Aren't you sweet! I have to admit, I have been feeling the pull of the LJ. I've found myself with things I want to say and FB just isn't the forum.

I also started a Buffy rewatch the other day! It's on ABC Family in the mornings before I have to get ready for work and then I'm on S1:E8 on Netflix.

Hugs and love!

Hey, you! I've missed seeing your comments & posts too.

Five Happy Things is such a wise thing.

Dark chocolate and almond butter sound like a great combination!

My Five Happy Things

1. The peony and some other dusky pink flowers on my desk.
2. Greek style yoghurt. A great epiphany that I ignorantly had placed in the ice cream/cheese cake/blech category. I stand corrected.
3. Freshly laundered crisp sheets in my bed.
4. Stumbling on and LOL at TV show Catastrophe.
5. All the good books I've read lately.

It's lovely to see a new post from you, dearie!

Buffy will always be one of my favorite, favorite shows. Oh, Anya. How I miss you.

As for me -- I'm currently falling in love with The X-Files all over again, though it's not so much that I'm sitting around actually re-watching whole episodes as it is that I'm replaying scenes in my mind (which were permanently imprinted in there after absurd amounts of obsessive re-watching back during my teens & early twenties) & imagining Mulder & Scullz in various fanfic-y situations (hence my muse deigning to grace me with its presence again). I choose to blame this on my recent discovery of "The Fall" (GREAT show, btw) as it reawakened my infatuation with all things Gillian Anderson. Of course the upcoming revival series helps as well, but yeah. She is ALL UP in my brain right now, hee.

I've also just begun to finally watch "Six Feet Under", which I've been hearing great things about for years, and I have a short list of other shows to check out after. So that's something to look forward to.

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