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I miss LJ.
Jack Zack Hug
So, rather than bemoaning the quiet here at LiveJournal, I'm just going to post. No complaints, no promises to post every day, nada. I miss this place and its people, so I'll just post.

I stopped watching Bones several seasons ago. But a week or so ago I watched the last episode of Season 11, and I was able to watch it and just enjoy it for what it is now -- without any expectations. It felt like a reunion with good friends, Then today I read that it's been renewed for its 12th and final season, all of which combined make me think that I might actually like to watch this last season when it starts in April. Bones was such a huge part of my fandom experience, and watching that episode made me rather nostalgic. I wonder if there's any chance they'd bring back Eric Millegan (Zack Addy) for an ep. I bet a lot of viewers would love that, though it might spark some residual pain, too...

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I was actually thinking of doing the exact same thing. I stopped watching last season, but I think I would like to see how it ends.

I hope you do. Then we can discuss it. ;)

I'm very curious to see what all the Bones actors and actresses will do next.

I will watch it just to see if they tie up any of the loose ends they have left dangling (I doubt it, but one can always hope!) Be curious to see where Boreanaz goes next.

Like you, I'd like to see what DB (and the others) do next. As for tying up loose ends, hope springs eternal, but I won't be holding my breath!

They'll finish the 2nd half of S11 starting in April.

Then next fall they'll do a 12-ep S12 to wrap things up.

I have a mental wish list....

Ah, interesting. I didn't realize there were that many eps remaining. Thank you for the additional info!

ETA: I'd love to hear about your Bones wish list, if you feel like sharing it. :)

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Also no longer watching - hadn't even heard about Season 12 (luckily I had someone to hand BGA to though, so it's in safe hands!). I would do same but I don't do downloading anymore and it's only on Sky over here (which you have to pay for unfortunately).

I agree that it was a huge part of my fandom experience though. Still feel sad that I lost the love!

Nice to see you here - I have to post too ♥

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Even though I haven't watched in a while, I do admire the sheer longevity of the show. Now, I know that longevity doesn't necessarily equal quality... I am very tempted to see how it all ends.

BGA may be where I first heard about the final season. Remember when 206_Bones was around and still active as well?

Thanks, K. I'm happy to be back, and it's so great to see so many folks, some who never left and some who drifted away for a bit, like us. Xoxo

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It's nice to "see" you again! I think you have a good attitude about returning. There's no need to mea culpa over being gone or to make promises about how often you're going to post. Just post when you feel like it, even if it's just to write a paragraph, and maybe once you begin doing that you'll discover that you're doing it more regularly again. That's what happened to me back in '09 after an absence of five years.

I was thinking of maybe watching the final season of Bones too. I also haven't watched in several years, but I would like to say a proper goodbye & see how it ends. It was a really important part of my life for a long time.

Thanks for the welcome back, Rachel. I think you've hit the nail no the head with just posing when you feel like it. It's like I've been an irregular poster for so long that I feel this (entirely self-imposed) need to post only if I can do a massive update/catch-up, and that has me freezing up so I post NOTHING. Weird, I know. I'll learn to settle for morsels instead of the whole cake. ;)

I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling a wee bit nostalgic about Bones. :) Hopefully we won't regret it!

It's not weird at all! I post once every week or two, and I have the same self-imposed struggle. To catch up or not to catch up? And how thoroughly should I catch up? Sometimes I worry way too much about it.

Oh, honey, I feel you. *g*

And thanks for making me laugh with your icon. ;)

Heh, you're welcome. An LJ friend who stayed with me for a few days back in 2010 gave it to me as a personal slogan, and it just stuck from that point on. It does seem to be my lot in life!


Same thoughts about bones, I stopped watching around S9, then I finished it when S10 was airing. I'm not crazy about the storylines and everything but when i eventually sit down and watch an episode or two I find myself laughing and enjoying it without thinking much of it.

Let's see how it ends! I hadn't heard about the announcement of a 12 and final season so... That's news.

I made a post last week too, and I can't make any promises that I'll be here often... But it's very nice to see familiar faces around just when I sort of came back to this place again.

Hi, Sofi. It's good to "see" you again. :) I went to your journal and read and replied to your most recent post.

Bones was huge for many of us, so as you said, "Let's see how it ends!"

Great hearing from you! ::hug:: Hope everyone is well and flourishing.

RE: Bones: I never stopped watching, still enjoy it, though not with the same intensity. These days, it feels like "family and friends"; I enjoy watching it.

M! Lovely to hear from you. Hope you are still doing well after your surgery.

I kind of love that you never stopped watching Bones. :) I'm thinking (hoping) to watch and enjoy it, "though not with the same intensity."

I watch an epi every now and then, just enjoying it for what it is now and without expectations as you say. It was fun while it lasted, the "Old Bones."

Hi! Yes, it was SO MUCH FUN while it lasted.

I don't think I could handle another full season of Bones, but picking out a few episodes to watch for the nostalgia factor sounds like a great idea.

Ha! Your comment made me laugh. I'm not positive I could handle another full season either, but I'm certainly contemplating trying.

*hugs* I miss LJ as well, I keep finding myself here over the last week so I think I'm back-ish as well, nothing structured but something all the same.

I'd given up on Bones several seasons ago also, to me it felt like the timing left everything hanging for far too long, for the sake of drawing things out, maybe? Still not really sure, though I saw the S12 news, and I feel like I might be watching as well. Nostalgia has hit me hard this year ;)

Hope you're happy and well! ♥

L., I'm happy to find you here at LJ again! It's nice to have a place to come back to, isn't it?

Bones definitely drew things out for too long, and then it had B and B get together off-screen, yaddda yadda yadda... Hope you'll join me in watching the end. :)

How are you doing? I will check your journal to see if you've posted lately. I am happy and well. My kids have recently had the plague -- a nasty cough that's lasted for days and days and stolen sleep and led to wheezing for my youngest -- but in general, my life is good, and I am content. Thank you for the well wishes. <3 (It's been so long that I don't even remember the LJ code for making a heart. Pathetic. LOL

Ahh... LJ is like putting on your favorite pair of jeans isn't it? That's how I always feel when I read a post or *gasp* write one. I miss you and the Bones gang - so glad to know I'm not the only one that thinks back on those days so fondly. I like your idea of watching S12, just to say farewell to those old friends. (The thought of seeing Zack onscreen again - that would hurt in a good way I think). Now I'll have to find a recap website so I can catch up through S11, or else I'll be painfully lost when S12 starts :) *hugs*

LJ is like putting on your favorite pair of jeans isn't it?

Yes, you worded it so perfectly, Doc! Thank you. I'm going to have to borrow that. :) I know you're so busy with work, W, and the rest of your life, but it's wonderful to find you here again. *hugs*

Let me know if you find a good recap website. *g* I've got my fingers crossed for a Zack appearance. It would hurt, but I would just love to see him back with the gang again. He was such an integral part of the Bones clan...

I was relieved that it is announced to be the final season. Will be there for the end.

Bones has had quite a long run, hasn't it? I hope it will go out sweetly.

And is that an Outlander icon? *squints* My 38-year-old eyes aren't what they used to be -- or maybe my glasses are just dirty. *g* I watched several eps a while back, but am not fully caught up. I read some of the books years ago and enjoyed them.

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