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I miss LJ.

So, rather than bemoaning the quiet here at LiveJournal, I'm just going to post. No complaints, no promises to post every day, nada. I miss this place and its people, so I'll just post.

I stopped watching Bones several seasons ago. But a week or so ago I watched the last episode of Season 11, and I was able to watch it and just enjoy it for what it is now -- without any expectations. It felt like a reunion with good friends, Then today I read that it's been renewed for its 12th and final season, all of which combined make me think that I might actually like to watch this last season when it starts in April. Bones was such a huge part of my fandom experience, and watching that episode made me rather nostalgic. I wonder if there's any chance they'd bring back Eric Millegan (Zack Addy) for an ep. I bet a lot of viewers would love that, though it might spark some residual pain, too...

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