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B/B Wallpaper
Happy New Year!

You can view the full-size wallpaper by going to http://tinyurl.com/27kfrm  and then clicking the image thumbnail.  That should make the 1024 x 768 wallpaper image pop up.  If anyone wants an 800 x 600 version, let me know.

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This is beautiful!

And happy new year!!! *hugs from France*

Thank you. And Happy New Year to you, too, Melissa! *hugs you back from across the ocean* :)

Beautiful. Happy New Year! (=

Thank you very much. And I hope 2008 is a happy and fulfilling year for you. :)

Wow, I love the look on their faces in this x

Thanks, Kate. Fancy meeting you here. ;)

Happy New Year!

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