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Buffy rewatch
I've started rewatching Buffy, and man, I want to reach into the TV screen and throttle Cordelia. At least in the beginning, she was so relentlessly nasty and shallow -- to Jesse, to Willow, and to anyone she felt was beneath her socially. She insulted Wilow's clothes, saying something about her having discovered the softer side of Sears, and I gritted my teeth. The saddest part is that while Cordelia's just a TV show character, there are, in fact real people who behave as thoughtlessly and meanly as she does. *sigh* It's almost too bad Jesse or Luke didn't bite her. *g*

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Oh man, I hear you. Even knowing how she changes as seasons go by, I always find myself thinking it doesn't make up for how she began.

I have this thing where I'm helplessly drawn to cold-on-the-outside, snarky HBIC type characters, so I enjoyed Cordelia from the start. Note that I said "enjoyed", though -- I wouldn't want to hang out with her in person! But as a character, she made me laugh. Bear in mind the note for my current icon too -- "so bad she's good." Even as a kid, I always felt bad for the villains, haha. (As an example, I irrationally hated Christopher Walken FOR YEARS after his character pushed Catwoman out that window. And I still hate watching the end of Ghostbusters. Poor Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! Hee) I have issues, apparently.

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We've all had our "Cordelias" and usually they don't grow beyond that stage. However, characters like her are usually necessary foils in storytelling.

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