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Does anyone remember the old Life Alert commercial?  "Help! I've fallen, and I can't get up!"

In that vein, I feel like saying, "Help! I've fallen (into fanfic,) and I can't get up!"

I keep trying to read books, but I keep getting sucked into reading fic instead. This is not helping me put a dent in my Goodreads 52-books-in-a-year reading challenge. *gives up*

Random post is random.

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That's happened to me many times! What show are you reading fanfic for?

I'm currently nose-deep in Jaime/Brienne (from Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire) and Draco/Hermione (from the Harry Potter books) fic. I've loved Jaime/Brienne for ages, but Draco/Hermione are a new and slightly guilty pleasure. I read the HP books years ago, but I never sought out fic them -- until recently. I was just curious, so I tried one Draco/Hermione story, but I fell down the rabbit hole... And now I can't get out!!! *blinks owlishly* I don't really know what happened; I never expected to ship D/H.

I suffer from the same disease. Fanfictionitis is a very debilitating disease. The symptoms are quite severe. They seem mainly to revolve around a disturbing inability to focus the eyes on anything but a computer screen for long hours and a compulsive need to find just one more story...

Haha! You have described my symptoms EXACTLY. It's a terrible illness -- possibly fatal. *g*

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