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(no subject)
My kids are driving me crazy.

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Look on the bright side, they're not teenager yet. You think they drive you crazy now... :)

Edited at 2016-08-01 06:15 pm (UTC)

Oh, geez. I can't even imagine. Right now they're fighting over a butterfly balloon. Yes, a BALLOON. The angst, the (one-sided) tears... I need earplugs. And a therapist. *g*

Hey, a balloon is nice. That's good angst. When you have to send your husband out to buy Plan B because you're out of town and parenting is needed, that's not good angst. Enjoy the balloon angst. SERIOUSLY.

LSQ, I can't compete with that anecdote. You're right, balloon angst is the good kind of angst. *shudders*

Short trip? (Always was for me as they had me on the verge of crazy on a moment to moment basis. Fortunately they have all grown up and I am off my meds...)

LOL Yes, a short trip, indeed! My kids will grow up and leave me soon enough; I should enjoy these moments of insanity.

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