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Fic: Better Than Counting Sheep (Double Drabble #15)
Title: Better Than Counting Sheep
Series: All That Lies Between Us
Rating:  PG
Prompt: Sleep
Story Notes: This double drabble is set in the third season.
Author's Note: Comments are cherished. As always, thanks for reading.

I've been asked about updates on longer stories.  If you've read some of my previous notes, you know that I've been handling some complicated family issues.  Those issues remain in flux.  But if the stars align properly, I should have a belated update for Christmas Magic sometime tomorrow.  :P *crosses fingers*

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When neither warm milk nor an ambient noise cd have had the desired effect, Temperance reaches for the phone.

“Booth,” he answers immediately.

She realizes it's been two weeks since they worked a case. “Do you want to have lunch tomorrow?” she asks without any preamble.

“Oh, hey, Bones. You missed me, huh?” She can hear the smile in his voice.

“Not at all,” she insists, fighting an answering smile. “So, are you free for lunch?”

Booth tosses a coin and struggles to keep his tone nonchalant. “Sure. I’ll swing by around 12:30.” Inside, he does a little dance. Which tie should he wear?

“Good. What are you doing?”

“Watching SportsCenter. What about you?”

“I've been trying unsuccessfully to fall asleep.”

If she's trying to fall asleep, she's probably in bed. Huh. Is she wearing pajamas? Maybe she sleeps naked, like him. He squelches that thought; it won't help him sleep. “So you called me, thinking I'd bore you to sleep? I'm insulted.” He waits for her sharp response, but the line remains quiet. “Bones...? Bones?”

She must be asleep. Ignoring the small voice telling him he's a fool, Booth listens to Brennan's breathing until his eyelids start to droop.

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(Deleted comment)
For what it's worth, I don't think Brennan called Booth out of a conscious desire to use his voice as a sleep aid, or because she was aware that she missed him. It had a soporific effect on her nonetheless, but that's not, at least on a conscious level, why she called him.

I label and categorize fics because that's one of the conventions of fanfic, but I hate doing it. I think stories are as complex as life, and I don't put my life into a "fluffy" or "angsty" box. Fiction, like life, consists of light and dark and everything in between. I know there are people who don't like to read (write) stories that sit on the lighter side of the spectrum, just as there are those who don't like to read (write) stories that sit on the darker side. I don't discriminate because I see it all as part and parcel of the same thing: the human condition. [end ramble] Thanks for your patience. *g*

Glad you enjoyed this, Sam. Thank you! *hugs you back*

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