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Fic: Games Without Frontiers (Double Drabble #16)
B/B Consume me - lerdo

Title: Games Without Frontiers (I owe the title to Peter Gabriel.)
Rating: K+
Story Notes:   This double drabble is a missing scene and alternate ending to The Woman in the Sand. It's set toward the end of the episode, after Booth's turn in the ring, and after his and Brennan's final confrontation with Joe Noland.
Author's Note: I tried something. Don't know whether it worked.  What do you think? 

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Though the shower washed away the blood, it did little for the burning in his face and every muscle in his body. There is only one bed; he sits on the edge. He hisses and closes his eyes when she presses the ice to his forehead.

When he opens them, she’s standing close enough for him to see that some of her lipstick has worn off, revealing the skin underneath. “Red’s your color, Roxie,” he says, allowing his eyes to trace the lines of her dress with a new boldness.

Her eyes glitter in the dim light. “Let’s see if it’s yours, Tony,” she replies, the accent as heavy as her eye makeup. She takes his hand, brings it to her hip. When she releases it, he curls his fingers into the silky fabric.

Their bags are packed, and there’s nothing left to do now but leave.

“Booth, I don’t think that–”

“Relax, Bones,” he says, cutting her off and ignoring the way her now-bare mouth twists in a frown at his interruption. He glances at the torn red dress she tossed in the trashcan right after they woke up that morning. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”



Only you could put that much Sexy and Sad into that small amount of words. Perfection.

Edited at 2008-01-03 04:38 am (UTC)

I don't know what to say to that but thank you. So thank you...very much. :)

I'm happy you saw sadness in this; my heart broke for Booth and Brennan. Compartmentalization aside, Tony/Booth and Roxie/Brennan are the same people.

Oh, yessss! so much the REAL ending....;-)

oh my gord!
u have such a talent for writing coz that was brillaint

Thanks. I'm happy you enjoyed reading this. :)

Hehe. I'm pretty sure this one happened ;)
Love the last line by the way, I could see Booth saying that.

We can dream. ;)

It hurt to write him saying those words, but I think he thought that's what she wanted.

I just love Tony & Roxie. And "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

I always love fics about the Vegas episode - and yours is perfect! - because seeing in France Bones started a year and a half after it started in the US, I saw a bunch of icons from that episode and was intrigued. So I watched - and loved it! (not only the Vegas episode, of course)

It's just perfect how you write them. *bows down*

This was pretty much perfection..
I could see this happening in Vegas.. they should go undercover again on the show.

Thanks, Francy. And you're absolutely right; it's time they did another stint undercover. Good material for them. :)

(Deleted comment)
And in this universe he *did* hit that. For better or for worse.

Thank you–for putting Tony and Roxie in my head to begin with. :)

So much emotion packed into so few words. Poor Booth here. You know that isn't what he wants.

Thank you. I love that you said, "Poor Booth." I don't think that's what he wants either, but perhaps he thinks that's what *she* wants.

I have to say, writing this hurt.

Great. I love it. I loved that episode. And this is really how this should've ended. But Booth so does not want what happened that night to stay in Vegas *g*

Really amazing update.

*huggs* Sabi

Thanks, Sabi. I agree that Booth doesn't want what happened to stay in Vegas. But it's complicated, and perhaps he thinks that's what she wants, so he denies his own feelings. :(

(Deleted comment)
Oh, thank you, Sam. I'm thrilled you saw this that way; I hoped it would come across like that, but I wasn't sure if I left it TOO subtle.

Gosh.. I love your drabbles :D :D
Loved it a loooooot!!! :D

Many hugs and many thanks, Sara. Your comments always leave me smiling. :)

i've read all of these, but its the first time i'm commenting. opps (:
i absolutely love your writing. and this one was amazing as well.
very very good job.

just a quick question:
are you ever going to go back and finished "What Would Happen if we Kissed", or "Unwell", because i adore those as well. just wondering!

Hi. Thank you; I'm glad you're enjoying my drabbles. :)

And thanks for your interest in WWHIWK and Unwell. Unfortunately, drabbles are all I've had time and energy for recently because of some family issues I've been dealing with. Those issues won't be resolved for months, possibly longer, but I hope to carve out more writing time/space soon. Christmas Magic, which shouldn't be more than 2-4 chapters long, is next on my update list. Unwell will probably be updated after that. WWHIWK is a longer story and I'll most likely return to it after I finish out Unwell. I wish I could give you a precise timeline, but I can't. But I promise that I will finish every story I've begun. My interest in Bones, and Booth and Brennan hasn't waned. :)

mmm nice. 'Cept I want them to take it back to DC. The feelings I mean. LOL those things don't *always* stay in Vegas...just ask the CSIs. Sorry, had to say it, I'm a big fan. This ep made me badly want to write a crossover fic but the muse won't cooperate.

I'm with you on wanting them to take the feelings back with them. :) Writing this actually made me very, very sad.

I don't know anything about the CSIs except that a lot of people love them. But good luck, if you do decide to write that crossover!

Awww Tony and Roxy. You gotta love those two.