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Fic: Games Without Frontiers (Double Drabble #16)
B/B Consume me - lerdo

Title: Games Without Frontiers (I owe the title to Peter Gabriel.)
Rating: K+
Story Notes:   This double drabble is a missing scene and alternate ending to The Woman in the Sand. It's set toward the end of the episode, after Booth's turn in the ring, and after his and Brennan's final confrontation with Joe Noland.
Author's Note: I tried something. Don't know whether it worked.  What do you think? 

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That SO should have actually happened. I was absurdly happy, but at the same time insanely sad...which again means you rock.

This may sound weird, but I'm glad you felt saddened by this. I think it IS sad. Because compartmentalization aside, Tony/Booth and Roxie/Brennan are the same people.

ohhh. the vegas episode will always be my favorite, and i love this alternative ending to it. <3 your drabbles drive me crazy (in a good way)!

The Woman in the Sand is a good episode with a lot of subtext; I can understand why it's your favorite. :)

I'm happy you liked this.

your drabbles drive me crazy (in a good way)!

*smiles* Thanks so much!

how can you write someting so awesome with only 200 words!!?
i really like this one and i'm just going to pretend that THAT is what really happened in Vegas!!! lol

You're killing me with your drabbles. You've made me a drabbles lover. You've converted me! =D Those last lines are fantastic.

Thank you, Foxy. I'm glad you're enjoying these little drabbles. I've had a great time writing them. :)

oh no, all these drabbles, I thinkk I'm a little bit in love. I've commented a few times on your drabbles but I was wondering if I could friend you?

Of course you can friend me. The more, the merrier is my standard response. :)

And thank you; I'm so happy you're enjoying my drabbles.

Ooo I like this. It's very bittersweet. That last line is sadly ironic as well which makes me like this even more. Adding to mems ;)

"Sadly ironic" is a very apt way of putting it. :)

Thank you very much. I'm thrilled you liked this enough to add it to your memories.


I'm having a good fic day :) I liked that because it gives the sense that it could have happened. Not in a Brennan and Booth way but in a Bones way. That could have happened off screen, if you like, and the rest of the season and the next continued just as we saw them. It opens up the idea that we're not seeing all there is, which is a little odd when we're talking about television. But, allowing for the idea that Bones continues in the space we can't see, I actually believe this may have happened.

And also, Vegas!fic. Who *couldn't* like Vegas!fic?

But, allowing for the idea that Bones continues in the space we can't see...

You just articulated EXACTLY how I think about most of the Bones fic I write. Beautifully phrased.

Thank you!

I'm with anadxof- You've made me a drabble lover. I just usually skip them, but yours are totally worth reading. This ep has spawned good fic and lots of heartbreak. Thanks for stealing time from RL to write these for us :-)

Thank you again. :) Drabbles can be fun to write and read; I'm glad you found something enjoyable in mine.

Thanks for stealing time from RL to write these for us :-)

You're very welcome. I find that writing is good for my mental health. *smiles*

I loved this one too! I agree with "arch_angel" I saw love, sexiness and sadness in this also! could you expain the ratings to me please? I know PG and M and R but not the others, thanks babe xxxxx

Thank you, Sarah. I'm glad you saw all those things in this; that makes me happy.

I occasionally slip and accidentally put Fanfiction.net ratings here. For explanations of those ratings, click here.