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Fic: Just In Time (1/?)

Rating:  M or NC-17
Summary:  Brennan's away, so Booth takes matters into his own hands.
Spoilers:  None, trust me.
Warning: Please don't read this if frank language or sexuality bother you because truthfully, they don't bother me. *g*
Ok, so an update for Christmas Magic is in the works. But I paused and put this together for greenovalfruit  because she's sweet and funny and I wanted to give her a quick little something that might cheer her up on a day when it sounded like she might need it. Plus I could use some practice with M-rated writing.

So, greenovalfruit , this is for you, sweets. The conclusion should go up tomorrow or Saturday.

Feedback is always welcome. :) Thank you for reading.

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Click for Chapter 2

He thought going for a run would help, but not even the rhythm of his feet as they hit the pavement or the misty puffs of air as he exhaled into the cold relieved the itch. Something restless and uneasy bubbled beneath the surface of Booth's skin, and he didn't want to identify it. But after he rinsed off the sweat and watched the snowy soap bubbles disappear down the drain, images of Brennan on her hands and knees overtook him, and his hand drifted down to his cock. Oh, he’d jack off if he had to, but it reminded him of too many days spent in tents and barracks in places that weren't home...and other things he'd rather forget. Honestly, he'd rather be with a woman.

He'd rather be with Bones.

That last time, he’d taken her from behind on his bed. From that vantage point, his eyes had mapped the still-new terrain of her shoulders and back as they eased into her waist. Then they'd traveled the road from her waist to the sudden flare of her hips and ass.

As his hand slipped from his cock to his balls and back again, he began to stroke, picturing the way she'd quivered beneath the scrape of his teeth on her ass. He’d kissed and nibbled there until she'd turned her head to glance at him over her shoulder and laughed in a way he was just starting to realize she only laughed with him. “Stop,” she’d said, “I can’t take anymore,” and the light in her blue eyes had pleased him so much that he’d given her one last nip, just to feel her quake under his mouth.

Her laughter morphed into a sigh when he sat up and eased himself into her heat. He curved his fingers 'round her hips, careful to keep his grip light. He didn't want to bruise the delicate paleness of her skin. When he began to thrust, she stopped him. "Let me," she said, her voice a whisper he felt down in his balls, and he stilled. In the late afternoon light, he watched the fine muscles of her back shift like a mirage as she pushed back into him, making him groan. With each sure press backward she tightened her muscles, drawing him in and holding him captive there until she released him. He was utterly at her mercy, the heat, wetness, and utter sweetness of her a siren call he was helpless to ignore.

The pressure built inside him in spite of his desire to draw it out for as long as he could. "Fuck," he said. "I'm not going to last very long if you keep doing that, Bones." He gritted his teeth as she squeezed him.

She glanced back at him then, her lips curved in a knowing smile he ached to kiss away. "So don't." Then she shifted her weight to her right arm and lifted her left to peer at her watch. "Anyway, I'm going to miss my flight if we don't hurry up."

He smacked her lightly on the ass in response, grinning when she yelped. "Oh, that's priceless coming from Dr. Temperance-we-have-time-let's-do-it-once-before-I-leave-for-my-very-important-conference-Brennan."

With a wink, she shifted her weight to her left arm and slipped her right hand between her legs. "I don't remember you protesting."

"That's 'cause I didn't," he replied, wagging his eyebrows at her. "Now touch," he said, easing out of her and then sliding back in.

"This is the only place you're ever going to get to order me around, Booth. And even then, only occasionally." The words came out slightly breathless, and Booth increased the speed of his thrusts, silently vowing to make her moan before they were done.

"Don't I know it, Bones."

Remembering how long and loud she'd moaned when she came made him want to stroke himself faster, so he did, his hand sliding from root to tip as he leaned back against the cold tile and felt the hot water shower down on him. A moan slipped out—

Wait, what?

Booth's eyes shot open and he squinted, peering beyond the fogged-up shower doors. "Bones."

"Don't stop on my account," she said, a wry smile in her voice.

"I thought you didn't get back till midnight tonight."

Brennan shrugged. "I went on standby on an earlier flight." She stepped closer to the shower. "And it looks like I got here just in time." With a tired smile in his direction, she pulled off her clothes, leaving them in a messy pile on the floor, and slid open the shower door, steam billowing around her. The cool air that slid in behind her made Booth shiver. As she moved closer, he noticed the shadows under her eyes and wanted to send her to bed immediately. But then her fingers traced the kanji tattooed on his right wrist, and her gaze flicked down to his cock.

"Show me what you were doing, Booth."


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