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What is crackfic, f-list?
Friends, neighbors, and countrywomen (men?), can someone explain crackfic to me?  What IS crackfic?  *scratches head in confusion*  Examples are welcome.  

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Something that's said to have been written when the person was obviously stoned because, seriously, there is no way in hell, they could have written that in their right minds.

And usually it turns out pretty good. Some kinds of AUs are usually seen as crack!fic. Same with some crossovers. *peeks at your interests list*

From Supernatural:
Sam and Dean at Hogwarts
Sam Winchester turns into a puppy
Sam Winchester turns into a cat

From Harry Potter:
Harry and co. as pirates
Harry and co. being stranded on an island

&etc. :)

Thanks for the definition and examples, Sheeba; looks like I have some reading to do. *g*

People have different definitions, actually... It can range from completely out in left-field-Booth-grows-wings-then-becomes-a-five-year-old-angel kind of nonsense to what one of my friends referred to as "dessert-like" fic that isn't fluffy, but isn't angsty as well. Really, it's kind of used to describe gender-swapping, age-reduction (or addition), weird stories that are so bizarre they make your head spin.

I tend to go with the initial definition, but for me, I'm currently writing an Atlantis story that is the latter - not fluff, but definitely not something of a more serious vein with enough kooky stuff (bicycles and weddings by Elvis) that it's out there.

Thanks, Witchy. I'd been wondering about this for a while.

With Bones not coming back until April, I'm hoping to try out SGA and then check out your fics.

I actually found this page a while back...

i looked up crackfic and it sorter fits with the other defs. I'm such a Geek I love sites like that LOL

That's awesome; thanks for linking me. :)

You're very welcome - like I said being a major Geek I love sites like this.

To me it means anything that is just wacked the hell out and divorced from any reasonable reality. (Usually in a purposefully silly and fun way.) For example, I consider this 30 Rock story crackfic.

Almost Like Back to the Future, In a Way

Thanks for the info and the example. I love 30 Rock; can you recommend any fic of the non-crack variety? *gazes at you hopefully*

Yay 30 Rock!

Yuletide had a pretty nice number of 30 Rock fics this year. The 30 Rock index is here, and I particularly recommend:

Two Random B Plots Make One Very Special Episode.
You Are Cordially Invited.
Nature or Nuture
Jury Duty

A couple others that aren't from yuletide.
Carbonite by annakovsky. Liz/Floyd.
Baby Steps, Lemon. Baby Steps. by michellek. Liz/Jack. She's done a ton of fic, mostly Liz/Jack if you like that one.

In general 'crackfic' refers to stories that have pairings (crossovers, human/object, etc) or situations (transformations, genderswaps, AUs, etc) that are so crazy and completely implausible that people are said to have been on crack to have written them (and sometimes even read them). I've always found them to be just for fun. In fact a sure sign that something is crackfic is if it has me grinning all the way through because of the sheer silliness.

'Dean Is A Ferret'

'Sam Ends, Different Means' (Heroes/Supernatural)
*Warning - Graphic Slash*

Also one of my favourites. Make sure you read it from the start if it interests you. :)
'This Is Going To Be Fun' (Buffyverse/Life On Mars/Doctor Who-verse)

If only you were a fan of the UK TV show Top Gear. That fandom has some of the best crack going. :p

Thanks for the explanation and the fic links.

I haven't heard of Top Gear. What is it about?

Btw, your icon made me laugh. :)

Thanks for the explanation and the fic links.

I haven't heard of Top Gear. What is it about?

No worries. :) Top Gear, in theory, is a British motoring show. It's hugely popular in many places and is watched more for the trio of wacky hosts, and the kind of pointless and insane stunts/challenges they like to attempt, rather than their basic car reviews.

You can check out some of the most popular clips here if you're interested:
(Don't worry if you're not a big carshow fan. Most clips are totally enjoyable without any interest in cars and how they work. Try the 'Amphibious Cars' challenge in the 'Mucking About' section. :D )

Also here's a famous clip of the three host almost having some serious damage done while attempting a used car challenge in the USA.

Btw, your icon made me laugh. :)

Thanks. It's the craziest one I have. :D

According to

A type of fanfiction (or original fiction) that is intentionally unbelievable and insane; often humorous. Usually short, one-shot stoires.


ITA with tidbit2008, and others who say that its intentionally unbelievable and insane. That's not to say it's not well-written.

In the BtVS/AtS 'verse, witling wrote a series, called The MarySue Verse, which combined RPS and AU to the point of non-believableness. Still, the characters she created, Vinny, Jimmy, and MarySue were believable and interesting. Normally I don't read RPS, but these characters were so far away from the reality of the real people whose bodies were used, that I bought into the story.

It's here: - just scroll down to the MarySue Verse.

There's another good one, written by spikendru, wherein she took the BtVS/AtS Angel/Buffy, Angel/Darla, and wrote it as if it were a soap opera set in a trailer park. It was wonderful. Here's the link for that one: conversation at the 8-ball bar and grill -

Your icon is love. I miss Giles!

Thanks for the fic links; it seems I have some interesting reading ahead of me. *g*

I also think labelling something "crack!fic" is just a way of justifying something OOC.

I personally only read the occasional crackfic in one fandom (SG1) for one pairing (Sam/Cam) because I think the idea of them hooking up is out of character and total crack anyway.
But usually, I like to be able to recognise the characters I'm reading about.

I also think labeling something "crack!fic" is just a way of justifying something OOC.

That's really interesting; I'll have to see what I think.

Thanks for jumping in!

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