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Fic: A Lesson in Forensic Anthropology (Drabble #18)
Booth Eyebrow Waggle
Title: A Lesson in Forensic Anthropology
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Brennan, Booth
Words: 100
S/N: This is a drabble set in the not-too-distant future.
Spoilers: None
A/N: I wrote this just because. :)
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"Tell me more."

“Well, I would use the length of your femur”--she squeezed his thigh--“to estimate your height.”

“Very, very tall, right?”

Brennan rolled her eyes in response.

“What else?”

"The distinct prominence of your brow ridge"--she traced a finger over his eyebrows--"would suggest that you're male."

"All man—that's me," Booth replied with a smirk. He brushed a strand of hair out of her face before taking her hand and placing it on his crotch. “And what does that suggest, Dr. Brennan?”

“That this lesson is over.”

“Wrong,” he murmured, “I think it's just beginning.”


I was just about to go looking for something light and fun to read. Perfect timing. :0)

I'm glad this fit the bill. Thanks!

A perfect lesson of anatomy ;)
Naughty Booth. He is sooo adorable.


Booth IS adorable. And naughty. At least in my imagination. *g*


Don't feet having something to do with uhm such things? Although it's not as exciting touching feet, unless you're that way inclined of course. *la la la*

Hmmm... I think you need to check out this post. *g*

Oh, my. :-\

This fic is to love...and it's so totally in character....::loves::

Booth's a naughty boy. ;)

Thanks for commenting!

Okay, you keep churning out these consistently awesome drabbles, and here I am, sitting down to a blank screen. Spare the muse for a few, would you? :) (Would that it were that easy!)

Have you tried hitting Youtube to re-watch some B+B scenes? Or listening to a song that really grabs you? For me, the latter often helps—along with a little Krazy Glue to keep my butt in the chair. *g* Or go stare at a pic of Booth. Yum. Ok, my suggestions are rapidly devolving.

Ha, so cute and such a Booth thing to say at the end.

Thank you. Booth's incorrigible. :)

Giggle! Naughty Booth! What a lovely lesson. Wish he would teach it to ME.

Wish he would teach it to ME.

Don't we all? *g*

Glad you enjoyed this. Thank you!

Sweet and hot. Well I'll be praying for something like this happening some day on our tv screens.

Your recommendations . . .

I'm new to this fandom and have been really enjoying your work. Are there other authors who's Bones-fic you enjoy reading? I've found that those who do the best work make the best recommendations.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Your recommendations . . .

Do you have an email address where you can be reached?

Thank you for the compliment. *blushes*

Ahah :P What a lesson!
Hitting on the teacher.. naughty Booth! But smart xD
Loved the drabble once again :P :D
Extremely cute *nod*

Booth's definitely hot for teacher. ;)

Thank you!

Niiiiice.Really nice Anatomy lesson. And they are most definitely not playing cards after that lessen *grins*

I friended you, hope that's ok =)

*hugs* Sabi

And they are most definitely not playing cards after that lesson

Not unless it's naked!cards. *g*

I friended you, hope that's ok

Absolutely ok, Sabi. :)



Dirty silly Booth is adorable.

Brilliant! Definitely in the not-too-distant future(in my dogmatic and terribly fandom-obsessed opinion).

Do you mind if I friend you? Your fics are awesome(well, I'd need to butter you up a little before that, wouldn't I)? :-)

No need to butter me up at all. Though who doesn't like a little butter? :P Please friend away. The more, the merrier!

I'm glad you liked this. Writing it made me smile. Thank you!

Ooooh, naughty Booth. Nice. ;)