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Sex (à la Booth and Brennan)
Booth Eyebrow Waggle
All right, friends.  I have sex on the brain again.  No, not like that.  *g* 

So, I'm back with more questions.

When it comes to physical intimacy between Booth and Brennan, what would you love to see?   Ignore the limitations of the show itself and the fact that it's on network tv.  What do you imagine happening between them? 

Meta, pure speculation, writing prompts, pontificating about bulletproof kinks, and all forms of opining are encouraged.  Just tell me what you think.  If you're shy about such matters, respond anonymously.  And if you think Booth and Brennan would rather play horseshoes than have sex, just ignore this post. 

Pretty please?  *bats eyelashes*

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What about playing naked cards? XD No, just kidding. I would love to see... um I mean read... car sex =D Or in the kitchen... No, I do not have a dirty mind. Or maybe just a little XD

"grins at the mention of naked cards*

Car and kitchen sex. *nods* Uh huh. I can see that. :)

A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste, Sabi. ;)

"grins at the mention of naked cards*

I just had to mention them *g*

Who says that I waste that dirty mind? *grins* I just havn't had a good idea for a Bones fanfic(which is kinda sad btw *lol*).

(Deleted comment)
I've always thought that might happen, too. *g*

Sounds a little like Lost and Found.

Same for the wall thing. I've always felt that the two of them finally getting together would have to be something unplanned, full of passion almost to the point of violence.

That's probably because the chemistry and relationship between the two (actually the whole show when I come to think of it) reminds me a whole ton of the '80s show Moonlighting.

That's probably because the chemistry and relationship between the two (actually the whole show when I come to think of it) reminds me a whole ton of the '80s show Moonlighting.

I think so much of Maddie and David while I watch Bones that I rescued season 2 of Moonlighting and watched some of it this past weekend. In part thanks/blamings to danakidman

I think so much of Maddie and David while I watch Bones that I rescued season 2 of Moonlighting and watched some of it this past weekend. In part thanks/blamings to danakidman

Season 2 has always be my favourite. Wonderfully tight before it all started to slip away. I think it's the 'bickering-in-the-car-while-not-really-driving' scenes that get me the most. :D

Oh, that's so the way it could go....

Maybe it's just my imagination, but it always has been a bit overactive. I can see Brennan being very assertive in bed, almost barking out orders to Booth, whom would be more than willing to be submissive to her (to a degree of course). I also imagine her to be open to new places for sexual exploration. And things will break, like vases, things falling from the walls, etc. Not in a violent way, but in one of those 'throws of passion, up against the wall' ways...yeah, up against the wall. lol!

Whenever I watch them, I think their first time might be in her office -or his - late at night, after a case is finished.

Then, sometimes I think it might be in her apartment, after she's cooked for him (again), and they've watched DVDs of something really pop culture she's missed, like Mr. Ed or American Idol.

Then, sometimes I think it might be in the car. So much of their communications occur in the car.

Then, again, I think it might be after a really drawn out therapy session.

Clearly, I need to bleach my brain, because I think WAY too much about this. :-)

See, telepathy 'cos I was just reading this thread when up popped the link and I was in the middle of thinking that I would see them somewhere inappropriate for one of them.

Like, Brennan has no qualms about treating a church as just another building whereas Booth would be all shock horror omg noes!!! but unable to resist her assertive ways.

So then he would think of a way to get her back and would probably choose somewhere in the lab like the Gormagon vault to jump her Bones. And so it would continue ad infinitum when one of them was least expecting it.

Ha, that's so clever! I love that idea.

Nice topic. NICE.

Some different things come to my mind when I think about BB having sex:

- It's unplanned and happens when they're doing some 'friendy' thing, like having coffee, or watching TV, talking in the car, something like that. One of them takes the first step because they can't hold it anymore. It's a here-and-now kind of thing. Couch, office, floor, against the wall, parking lot... you know, anything but the bed.

- She becomes agressive, and he tells her that love is better than just sex, she's willing to have sex but not sure about giving him her love. Finally she is, of course. ;) This one COULD be in bed.

- One of them is comforting the other one for any reason, they become passionate and end up in bed. After that they can talk about feelings, but this could not happen and still be ok.

- They have so little time and are so horny that they HAVE to do it quickly right before their appointments. His/her office. Someone gets in and they have already finished but just a couple of minutes before. If the person getting in is Angela, she notices. ;)

Will think of more. :D

Got another one.

- One in which they don't take off almost any -or none of their clothes. Could be because they have no time (rush-rush-rush) or because they're in some sort of public place, parking lot, movie theatre, whatever.

Okay, I'm a big perv, but they made me. ;)

I agree with the comforting thing. Booth is probably comforting Bones, and he kisses her, cue sex.

Personally I think that when it happens for the first time, it's going to be really slow and emotional. I just think that Booth cares enough about her not to tumble her just like he did with Rebecca or Cam, who were more fling-y type sleepovers. I really think it's going to be slow, intimate, and extremely intense emotionally.

I have read stories about sex in the car, sex in the tub, sex in the shower, sex in the offices, sex in the lab table, sex against wall, sex with handcuffs… and I love all of these.
Yes, I’m a perv, sure XD

But I have a kink with Booth’s tattoo and I never have read about this. I want to see something with the tattoo. I want to see Brennan licking it… among other things, of course ;D


please, show me the way to these sex on the lab tables fics! i've been looking for those for, like, forever!

I remember one of those.
It’s here -->

I hope that you like it :)


I want them undercover as a couple, forced to share the room and the bed, while they discover there are cameras and microphones in the room, so they started pretending they're having sex, fake moans, but then they can't pretend anymore. Rough and passionate. Wild and frenzy. In the entire room, tumbling and breaking everything :P


I'd like them to work Annie Oakley in before they carted her off to prison! Come on, she's HOT. And kinky. Who cares if she's a murderer? She's going to jail anyway, why not have some fun with her first? Could work in some bdsm as well, having her restrained so she couldn't escape while they're having fun in the tack room :D

I could help, I used to ride horses all the time :P

I reckon they'd both look good with a leash around their necks but Booth being a sub would be more believable, eh? Because Brennan doesn't really have boundaries in terms of trying EVERYTHING and Booth would totally get turned on by being dominated. As much as I'd love him to lead Brennan around by a pretty little collar, I just can't imagine Booth consenting to that, you know? Not even thinking about that conversation about kinks and roleplay at the end of Death in the Saddle - he just wouldn't want to degrade her like that, even if she asked.

It'd take some serious skill to make that work.

*coughs* :D

Oh and I could SO see either one of them working voyeurism into it without alerting the other. Like, having sex in the morgue or in her office after hours while someone watched. Maybe not even aware that one of them is performing - like Hodgins firguring out if he's there at a certain time, he gets a show. And when they're done, just before he disappears, Brennan or Booth look up at him and smile.

TEEHEE! You should never say 'go for it' on a fandom related subject. I will just keep going forever. STOPPING NOW, CONSCIOUS EFFORT! though give me a kick if you need anymore ;)

haha, i've always felt like a perv for spending so much time wondering about this subject but it turns out everybody around here seems to share the same opinion.

yay for submissive!booth! I can totally see brennan as a dominatrix with a whip. hee!

also, dirty talk. i peg brennan as the kind of woman who'd talk all the time during sex.

I don't know if I'm terribly late to respond, but I agree with everyone who voted wall sex. Yes please. Also, anything involving whipped cream (or chocolate syrup or something to that extent) and/or the handcuffs.

And footsies. It's like, foot sex that could lead to real sex.

I don't know. I'm sick and taking DayQuil. Feel free to ignore this. :)

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