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Sex (à la Booth and Brennan)

All right, friends.  I have sex on the brain again.  No, not like that.  *g* 

So, I'm back with more questions.

When it comes to physical intimacy between Booth and Brennan, what would you love to see?   Ignore the limitations of the show itself and the fact that it's on network tv.  What do you imagine happening between them? 

Meta, pure speculation, writing prompts, pontificating about bulletproof kinks, and all forms of opining are encouraged.  Just tell me what you think.  If you're shy about such matters, respond anonymously.  And if you think Booth and Brennan would rather play horseshoes than have sex, just ignore this post. 

Pretty please?  *bats eyelashes*
Tags: b/b meta, bones
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