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Naley, Naley, Naley
New Nathan/Haley wallpaper up at my site. Ah, young love. :D

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LERDO! *squeezes lerdo tightly* Didn't know you had an LJ hun!! -lol- I was just skimming through my info list and was like...wah? Lerdo's on here? *blinkblink* So glad you found me though! I'm off to add you to my list....now...if only I can remember how to add ppl *blushes* One of those moments where I wish my memory lasts over a second:-p

How's your weekend going?

~luvz, yennie

Yennie, good to "see" you. I just stumbled on your LJ a couple days ago. As you can see, my own is rather sadly neglected, but I've promised myself I'll be posting more regularly now. Hope you had a relaxing Thanksgiving. Wil l hop over to your LJ in a bit. :)

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