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Dialog Ficlet: Playtime (1/1)
Title:  Playtime (1/1)
Rating:  R, I think, for some suggestive humor.
Characters:  Brennan, Booth
Story Notes:   I was feeling silly, and let's face it, sex can be pretty silly.  Plus I wanted to try writing something that was 100% dialog. 

This is set sometime in the future.
Spoilers: Small reference to Mummy in the Maze.
Summary:  Brennan has a special request for Booth.
Disclaimer: Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.

Click here for fic index.

That was really cute! I'd love to see a companion piece with Brennan wearing the WW costume. But even without anything else, this was still great!

Thanks, Heather. Glad you thought this was cute. :) I'll see what I can do about a companion piece with Brennan wearing her costume. ;)

hahahahaha, that was really funny! I mean, really funny! adorably funny!

I told you this before, but I love how in-character you manage to keep 'em. one can perfectly see the characters doing and saying what you write and, even though there weren't descriptions, just dialogues, the images were pretty clear on the mind. awesome!

I'm trying to pick out my favorite drabbles by you, so far I think this one is tops :D

Thanks, Lucy. This was silly and fun to write; I'm happy you enjoyed it and flattered that you thought I kept them in character. :)

I laughed so hard I scared my dog ;)
It was just great ! Thanks I really loved it :)

I'm glad this made you laugh—even if you did scare your dog. *g* Thank you!

lmao that was so funny and totally in character, i loved it

Thanks, Becca. :) Glad you thought this was funny.

I have a request; would you mind not using that "Don't Stop" icon? The vast majority of the icons I've made are shareable, but a few, like that one, I made for my own personal use. You may not have noticed it, but in the keywords section for that icon, I mentioned that it's not shareable. Thank you for understanding.

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*wipes tear* Man, that was frickin' hilarious!! I didn't think you could ever top yourself (uh, that just doesn't sound right, lol) but here's the best characterisation *ever*. I didn't read this fic. It played itself in my mind.

"With practice? There isn't going to be any practice. This is a one time only offer."
*snicker* hee!

*dies laughing at the notion of "topping" myself* Thanks, Piper. I'm beyond thrilled that you could see Booth and Brennan even though there was only dialog. It was a fun little exercise. *g*

Oh, the things we do for love. :)

Their bickering I will never tire of. So much love. :D

*g* They can bicker with the best of them.

Thanks for reading and feeding. :)


That was so so funny! Bones is kinky!

"Dressed as Wonder Woman, yes. Wearing the thong I picked out especially for you, no. Your buttocks are exceptionally well-formed."
*dies laughing*

Great Booth and Bones voices. And thank you very much for the laughs!

Thanks a lot. So glad this made you laugh. :)


As always, your work is astounding. You capture their voices so well. Good job!

Also - your current music = great. ;)

Thank you very much! I'm so pleased this made you laugh. :)

Thanks. :) Glad this made you chuckle.


that was hilarious, loved it!