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Five Things Offer
B&W B/B - lerdo
Ok.  So I have a bit more time to write now, even though the family craziness continues.  However, I need to mentally psych myself up for updating my longer fics.  As a bridge between the double drabbles I've been writing lately and the longer WIP stories that need some TLC, I'd like to borrow an idea from witchofthedogs

I'm offering stories, specifically those fitting the infamous "Five Things" mold.

Five Things
(For example, Five Times Booth Lied to Brennan.  Or Five Things Brennan Wishes She Hadn't Said.  If you need further clarification, let me know.)

If you're interested, pick a "five things" subject in the Bones fandom and leave it in a comment below:

Some guidelines:

1. Pick something you think I'd write. For example, please don't ask me to write Booth with another man.  While I have no problem with slash, I just don't see Booth getting it on with Zack or Jack.  Some people can write Booth!slash very convincingly, but he reads totally straight to me, so I know I won't be able to write it.

2. Feel free to leave more than one prompt.

3. Please don't take it personally if i don't respond to your prompt.  I'll do my best, but there may be certain prompts that just don't trigger anything for me.   I'm not a writing machine, even though I wish I was.  *g*  So I'll ask for your forgiveness in advance, in case I don't hit your prompt(s).

4. Anyone can leave a Five Things prompt.  We don't have to be "friends."  If you want, comment anonymously. :)

5. I know better than to post a deadline.  Too many things are in flux for me to confidently commit to having these done by a certain date. 

Thank you! :)

Five Times Temperance Brennan Felt Strong

Five Moments Seeley Booth Never Wants to Forget

(By the way and totally unrelated, to add to your Atlantis experience, go look at my soundtrack for the show... It'll show you how I think of the characters... and I made it pretty non-spoilery.)

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Thanks for the prompts, and I will check out your soundtrack. I've now seen the first three eps of SGA. Rodney's less annoying now, though still not a fave. *g* It's early yet, but I really like Elizabeth, John, and Ford so far.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, Chrissy. I'm glad you're enjoying the drabbles. Before I didn't get them or like them. Now I see them as just another form of writing. A container, if you will. Same goes for the Five Things construct.

Thank you for all the prompts! :)

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*ponders and then smiles* Brennan and Booth, while fun to write, are too easy...

How about Five Things that Zack Thinks He Should Have Known?

Sneaky! *g* Thanks for the prompt.

I've got a good one.

5 Times Angela Knew Booth Was In Love With Brennan

Or, conversely, Five Times Angela Knew Brennan Was In Love With Booth?

Five songs that make Booth think of Brennan. (I'm actually writing this prompt for Angel/Buffy and just have one more to go.)

Thanks! Can't wait to read your B/A take on this.

Four Times Their Eyes Met (And Once When They Didn't). I've seen that twist before with this, changing the 5 things to 4 and 1 and it worked well. This could be anyone though Booth/Brennen keep jumping into my head. Has potential to be a little angsty with the last bit.

Five Times Booth Almost Said It But Couldn't (What does he say? No one knows. He could almost tell Angela he likes her perfume. Almost tell Hodgins that beanies do not work for him. He could almost tell Brennen....! Endless possibilities )

Five Differences Booth Finds Between Brennen and Cam (Or Tessa, or woman he's dated in general.)

Wow this sounds like fun......

Five times Booth thought they close to crossing the 'line'


Five times Brennan realised that Booth loves her

The names can be interchanged and switched around......

Thank you very much for the prompts.

Ooh, I love this.

-Five things that might make Brennan believe in God
-Five times Brennan admitted to Booth that she was wrong
-Five times Booth didn't mind correcting Brennan's pop culture references

Thanks for these three prompts. :)

How about "Five times Booth wished he and Brennan were somewhere else" Which could be a physical locality, obviously, but also maybe in terms of their personal relationships? (With others, or themselves). Or you know, just places is good too. :)

All of these sound pretty interesting - I look forward to reading what you come up with!

I had no idea I'd get this many suggestions. I'm thrilled. Don't know if I'll be able to write all of them, though. *g* Thanks for the prompt!

Ooh. You've made this like a game!

Five women Brennan thought Booth was having sex with, but wasn't.

Five men Booth thought Brennan had sex with, but didn't.

Five times Booth wished Brennan would invite him in.

Five times Brennan wondered about Booth's family.

Five times Booth wondered what Brennan was like before he met her

Five times Booth wondered what Brennan was like in bed.

(Deleted comment)
Wow! Thanks very much. :) Good luck with the Buffyverse ones you're working on.

Five secrets that Booth never will tell to Brennan.
Or Five secrets that Brennan never will tell to Booth.
Or both :)


Yay, I love Five Things!

And you didn't rule out femslashing Brennan... :P Okay, I'm a good girl. I'll keep it to myself :P

Right, Five Urges Brennan Tried to Suppress (extra: and One She Didn't)

See, you could use the add on or you could say "Well, she TRIED to suppress them but a couple just got away from her :D"

Or that could be a bit of a fail.

You don't have to control yourself; I didn't rule out femslash. :) I still don't know that I can write it, though I know for a FACT that I won't be able to write Booth with another man. He reads straight as an arrow to me. Again, not that other ppl don't write it believably; I just have zero confidence that I can. It's possible, though, that Angela and Brennan could be a little slashy.

Thanks for the prompt, sweetie.

Am I late? Hard day today, finally I'm home! ;)

Haven't read all the comments, so maybe someone suggested this:

Five ways Booth said 'I love you' to Brennan without actually saying it.

And this can be the other way too. :)

Sorry you had a rough day. :( Hope you get some rest this wkend.

And you're never too late. Post as many prompts as you like, whenever you like. :) Thanks for the prompt!

I hope I'm not too late for this as well. It looks like you've had a lot of suggestions, but these plot bunnies won't stop hopping around my head unless I post them.

-Five times Booth was glad it was him and not her (Inspired by the scene in "Two Bodies in the Lab" where Booth gets blown up by the fridge and "Killer in the Concrete" when the goons are torturing him).

-Conversely, Five times Booth wished it had been him instead.

-Five things Brennan did that she never thought she would (because of Booth). Vice Versa works too. :)

-Five times Brennan took Booth's breath away.

-Five things Booth was surprised to learn about Brennan (along the lines of him learning she loved jazz in "Two Bodies"). Or, vice versa...

-Five times Booth and Brennan made love.

You're not too late; people can respond to this whenever they want. :)

Thank you very much for the prompts.


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