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I can't stop listening to...
Booth Serious
...this songJosé González, where have you been all my life?

Anyone know of other musicians I might like if I dig
José González?  

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(Deleted comment)
Rather than try to describe him, I'm pasting an Amazon.com review of In Our Nature:

"Names like Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, and Tim Buckley are often used together, not necessarily to describe one exact sonic style of singer, but more as incredibly passionate verbs, to identify the strong emotions evoked when listening to these late legends' sparse melodies. Swedish-based Argentinian musician José González is likely to hear those classic names a lot in his future. González received critical underground love from his 2003 debut disc Veneer, but garnered more widespread attention as a guest vocalist for downtempo group Zero 7. The singer's gentle vocals and Spanish-meets-classical guitar style make a quietly compelling match, especially so on his sophomore CD In Our Nature, easily the best work--either as a solo or contributing vocalist--that he has released to date. The track that may well attract the most new eardrums is his sparse, whisper-soft cover of Massive Attack's "Teardrop" (a.k.a., the theme song to the TV show House), but many of his own tunes are equally endearing. War and world leaders were clearly on his mind when writing this disc, from opener "How Low"--in which González sings "Invasion after invasion/This means war/Someday you'll be up to your knees/in the shit you seek"--to the flamenco-affected track, "Killing for Love." All of these poignant--and at times pointed--lyrics are surrounded in lush, yet sparse melodies that make for music that is truly praise-worthy, bordering on timeless. --Denise Sheppard"

There's a Youtube link to one of his songs in my original post. I've fallen hard for him. :)

(Deleted comment)
*g* Yeah, his version is a bit different from Massive Attack's version. I love them both.

It's so great discovering new music. Happy listening, Sam. :)

Male or Female?

Female, you would probably like Patty Griffin and Kate Rusby.

Male? I'd have to go home and check my iTunes listings...

I originally found Jose Gonzalez through this video which was discussed on Attack of the Show on G4 television. It's amazingly cool...

I do like Patty Griffin. I can't thank you enough for reccing Kate Rusby. I just listened to Who Will Sing Me Lullabies. It made me cry, I kid you not, and I'm not prone to crying that easily. It makes me want to write something as achingly beautiful, though I don't think I could do it. Thank you.

Just checked out that graffiti video. Beautiful. I've never heard of Attack of the Show.

Of Kate Rusby's songs, Little Jack Frost has to be one of my favorites... it's just... *sigh*.

Attack of the Show is on G4 and is a geekboy (and geekgirl) must see. But I only ever see it when I'm over at witchman's house because I am poor and only have basic cable.


*adds Little Jack Frost to the list*

You're beautiful. *hugs you*

I have never heard of him but I definitely want to check him out.

Do it. I don't think you'll regret it. :)

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, PJ, for your suggestion.

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