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(no subject)
NY in the winter is evil, EVIL, I tell you! It's so cold here that I don't want to do anything but hibernate. I was out last night, and I couldn't feel my hands, even though I was wearing gloves. This time of year reminds me why I sometimes hate this place.

My cousin, who has been visiting us since last Sunday, is leaving in an hour. I'll be back with a real update after I get back from the bus station. But in the meantime, I have a Sarah McLachlan wallpaper up at Digital Emissions. Take a peek if you're so inclined. :)

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Sweetie, you don't *know* from cold. Brrr. Come to the frosty north, I tell you.

And...still swooning over my art!

Humph. Ok, ok, I GUESS since you're in Canada you win the cold contest. But that doesn't make freezing my butt off in NY any easier, woman! It just started snowing; I wonder if it will stick...

As for the new layout possibilities, if you want to take more than one and rotate it as needed, you're welcome to do that. I'm just glad you saw something you liked. :)

*GROWLS* I wrote you this long note, but stupid Livejournal said I took too long in doing it so they told me to go back and repost it. I press the back button they provided and *POOF* everything disappears (!!!) *cries* I'm going to go hide in a corner and sulk *pouts*

Feeling your pain though hun. We had our first snow shower today, and I still had to walk home from school *bah* My bus stop drops me off half a mile from the house. It doesn't sound a lot, but when you walk, it *feels* long. You should see me. My friends call me the burnt marshmellow. I have this *huge* puffy jacket of mine on that's stuffed with about 3 layers of cotton -lol-

My poor fingers...you should see me sitting here trying to type with my gloves on (lol)...not so comfortable.. Anywhoz, I'm going to run off and make some hot coco, you take care ya? *HUGS*

~missing ya lots,

I just found out you have me listed as friend. So hellooooo there!!!
And to top it off you made me remember that I hadn't listed Anita Blake in my setting. Only the author. Thank you.

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