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Fic: Tear in Your Hand (1/1)
B/B Touch - lerdo
Title:  Tear in Your Hand (1/1)
A/N: This is another one I intended to write for the Porn Battle, but it's too long, so I've failed. Again.
ETA:  When I said I failed, I only meant that I'd failed to write something porny in the 4300 character range.  *g*  But thanks for the reassurances anyway; you've made my day. :)
Prompt: Knife
Timeframe: This is set sometime after Santa in the Slush.
Rating: M
Summary:  Booth and Brennan cross the line.

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The only thing you failed at is writing an 'adequate' fic. Very powerful emotionally--you did a great job of relaying Brennan's need to feel something, *anything*, and Booth's desire to be everything for her.


(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much for your kind words! :)

His soul for her life? That is just amazing and SO Booth! :)
He is all hers, completely, and you remind us in every one of your brilliantly written stories (not that we shippers ever needed to be reminded- but it flashes us so thrillingly *can't hardly breathe*) And to see her realizing that she needs him... (Now I have this song on my mind; Sunrise Avenue- "Heal me" -> "...Could you believe I'm waiting for someone....I feel the pain inside me - only you can heal me..." ;)

I'm happy that line seemed Booth-like to you. :) Thanks for making the effort to read and comment on this; it means a lot to me that you did that. Hope you enjoyed the story!



Seriously, not that I'm complaining. NOM NOM NOM! Have you noticed you have a penchant for Booth satisfying Brennan in bed, esp. with his mouth, and him not getting any? Do I detect a hint of sadism there, denying our boy his fun? Hee, makes me laugh!

*glomps* Lover you.


Thou art adorable.

Have you noticed you have a penchant for Booth satisfying Brennan in bed, esp. with his mouth, and him not getting any? Do I detect a hint of sadism there, denying our boy his fun? Hee, makes me laugh!

*dies laughing* Oh dear. I HADN'T noticed that, but trust your ever-observant self to pick up on what I missed. And here I was thinking just yesterday that I DIDN'T have any fic kinks. *g*

Shame on me. I don't know if it's sadism. I don't know what it is. *runs off to psychoanalyze self*

ETA: Your icon is very appropriate. *g*

Edited at 2008-01-18 02:50 pm (UTC)

Αww! That was so erotic and sad and beautiful at the same time! I love the way you portray the characters!!
Thank you!

Because if he has to choose between his soul and her life, well, it's not even a choice.
That is so true… I love this line

Thanks, Zoe! So glad you liked this. :)

Hot and beautiful and just wonderfully written all over :) Best 'failure' I've read. Another for the mems, too :D

Sorry for the belated reply, but thanks for commenting on this story. I loved writing it, so I'm happy you enjoyed reading it. :)

I can't believe I skipped this, I hadn't notice it before. :(

Brennan has been through a hard experience, feeling painful, inside and outside, thinking she would end up dead... but now she only wants to experience some nice feelings, relieve all the tension and feel herself alive, and Booth gets that with only looking at her.

I love them and I love them even more in your fics.

Keep the great work!

Sorry for the late reply, but thank you for commenting on this fic. Booth sees a lot of things in Brennan, doesn't he? I'm so glad the show's returning soon. *counts the days*

There's a huge sigh of just "ohhhhh" at the end of reading that. How she couldn't break, not really, and then it all just came out because of Booth. It's so completely emotional and raw, and just perfect for the two of them. He would do anything for her.

I apologize for the belated reply, but I wanted to say thank you for commenting on this story. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. And yes, Booth would do just about anything for Brennan. :)

Thanks again for taking the time to read and leave feedback; I appreciate it very much.

So, I have had this bookmarked for a while (I think makd recced it in her LJ) and I am finally getting around to doing some reading. Of course, although I watch Bones, I don't really read fic except since it was you I'm gonna make an exception and I am *so* glad that I did.

"Booth..." He looks up at her. Her cheeks are flushed, her eyes heavy-lidded; she is as beautiful as he imagined she'd be. "Booth..." she repeats, and she's never said his name like that before—breathless and hungry and if he's right, just on the edge. "I can't..." There's something like panic in her eyes, and it tugs at him, makes him want to soothe her.

"It's ok," he murmurs against her soft, wet flesh, feeling his heart thunder in his chest. Lifting his head because he wants to see her, he replaces his mouth with his hand. "Let go, Bones. I've got you." Always.

That was my favourite bit because I think it does a fabulous job of summarizing their particular character traits.

But, really, you did a great job of turning wonderful character observations into pr0n.

I am pretty sure that I have another of yours bookmarked, so I'll be back!


Chrislee! *smooches you back* Hi there! I hope you and your family are well. :)

Makd is lovely and very kind.

But of course you watch Bones; if nothing else, there's DB, who gets hotter by the day. ;) It's no Buffy, but then again, what is? I don't blame you for not reading much Bones fic, though. A lot of it is dreadful.

I'm thrilled you made an exception, though. Thank you for your kind comments; glad the characterization seemed ok to you--as well as the pr0n. *g*

Booth and Brennan have eaten my brain. I love them and the show, even though I believe both could be more than they are.

Just stunning.

Also, I started reading your fiction sometime around "What Would Happen If We Kissed," and I have to say, I really liked your stuff then, but I'm positively in awe of how much you've grown as a writer in just a year. Really.

Thank you so much. I've been working hard, so if you see any improvement, I'm absolutely thrilled. Thanks again; you've made my month. :)

This is a new show and ship for me...

WOW! You are an excellent writer. I felt the emotions and the deep seated feelings between these two. Thanks for sharing such a loving, sensual fic. Very well done.


I found this today, because I needed some porn after all the psychoanalytical talk in today's episode. :D

And woah, this is so wonderfully written. He gets her, he's there for her, and he'd do everything for her.

My favorite part was "his soul for her life" - and how intuitively Booth follows Brennan's signals during sex.

Thanks a lot, you made my day!

WOW. Poor Bones. This needs a sequel!