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Fic: Unwell (7/9)
B/B Across the Table

Title: Unwell (7/9)
Chapter: 7
Chapter Title: Hear me out.
Characters: Brennan, Booth
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "Yup, the mighty Temperance Brennan was sick."
Disclaimer: Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.
Timeframe: This takes place after Season 3, Episode 4 (The Secret in the Soil).  Some spoilers for that ep.
Author's Note: Ok, we have an update. I hope this doesn't disappoint. It's been a while; I'd love to hear what you think. Feedback of any kind, as long as it's constructive, is always welcome.

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"What about the line?" Dark eyebrows drew together in confusion. "You're the one who said—"

Brain like a steel trap—that's what his partner had. Lucky for him. "I know what I said, but I think we crossed it about ten states back."

*nods* That's the honest to god truth there. There's talking about lines and that's good and well, but honestly if there was a line they traipsed over it a long time ago hehe.

"Remember that when you put together your list of pros and cons." Her gaze flew up to meet his, and he noted her startled expression. He smiled gently. "Come on," he chided. "Don't you think I know you at all, Bones?"

Serious scene, yes, but that was adorable. Especially because it's true. Brennan is just the type to go write out a long list of pros and cons hehe. I love that Booth already knew she would be ;)

There's talking about lines and that's good and well, but honestly if there was a line they traipsed over it a long time ago hehe.

Exactly, Ren. :)

Booth doesn't know everything about Brennan, but he knows a lot.

Thanks for the feed. I'm so happy you're still enjoying this.

There are a lot of people I'd die for, Bones, but only a couple I live for. You're one of them.

that was SO sweet! But now this fic has made me sad. Brennan is mean. :(

Thanks, Lucy. I'm glad you thought those lines worked. Why do you think Brennan's mean?

Wow. Wow. Wow *speechless*

I've had other partners. I have other colleagues. The way I feel about them—that's not how I feel about you.
At this point I shouted. I waited Booth’s declaration of love so long time ago.

And I NEED read Brennan’s answer. As soon as possible. But… ok, ok, you can take your time ;)

Thanks for take up again this fic.


Thanks, Isabel! We'll have Brennan's answer soon. *g*

Love the way you write this pairing - so very true to the show. Great fic, hoping for more soon :D

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but thank you very much for your comments. I'm so pleased you enjoyed this update. I'm working on the next chapter and hope to have it up soon. :)

yeah I definitely would see Booth being the one to bring up the feelings first, it's just in his nature. Aww even the gestures are true Booth style good job!!!

And, great catch on the Sweets remark about respect and all, because well Booth really doesn't take him that seriously but he is man enough to admit when he sees a point lol.

Great work, and thanks so much for the heads up on the update :D

Hmmm what will happen in the night? ;)

Hi there. :) Thank you. I'm glad you thought I got Booth right in this chapter. Booth and Sweets have some humorous friction. *g*

Yipee!! *does happy dance* An update! AN UPDATE!!!! That's just what I needed after two days with no time to go on the Internet and my last exam. I've never been happier to think about having classes instead of exams. *sighs happily*

There are a lot of people I'd die for, Bones, but only a couple I live for. You're one of them.

This is LOVE!!! Love, I tell ya ;) It made me go all "aw...!" followed by a "squee!"


*hugs you back* Hope your exams went well, Melissa. :)

Thrilled this made you squee. Thank you for commenting!

I love this fluff. It's great fluff. And it's getting more and more amazing by the chapter. :D I can't wait to hear Brennan's response to his question.

Well thank you very much for your kind comments, Sarah. :) I'm happy to provide enjoyable fluff.

Oh my god.. I could read this again and my heart would pump once again :D

This is so good, so in character, so.. gah! No words!

Let's see what she says *prays* :P

LOL Your feedback always makes me feel good. Thank you for that, Sara. *hugs*

(Deleted comment)
my GOD your fanatstic!!! I wanted you to take it futher, but at the same time glad you didn't! (does that make sense? lol) you have to be my favourite author of B&B fanfict, I am one of your biggest fans ♥ love ya xxx

Sarah, you're a sweetheart. Thank you. :) Glad you enjoyed this so much. *hugs* And I do understand what you meant.

I'm a fairly new Bones addict (who only recently stumbled upon its associated fanworks), but after reading a few of your drabbles and all of Unwell, I wanted to tell you that you've set the bar against which I will judge all future BxB fic writers. From other BxB works I've read, I can already tell you've got a superb handle on the characters and their reactions to any given situation, whether it was previously shown in an episode or merely an invention in your fics.

That said, please write more chapters of Unwell! :D

If you're new to Bones, I'll just say that you're in for a treat. It's a fun show with a lot of room for writers to expand on canon. :)

Thank you for your lovely comments. I'm very happy you think I've a good handle on Booth and Brennan. Despite my best intentions, I don't always succeed. But I try.

Thanks again for reading and feeding, and I'm sorry it took me a while to respond to your comments.


I just stumbled upon your treasure trove of Bones fanfiction and I'm loving this story. This chapter in particular is so perfectly written! I love how mature it is. Most fanfiction that tackle the confession on Booth's & Brennan's feelings become extremely melodramatic, which contradicts the whole nature of their relationship. Your take on it is perfectly in sync with the characters' mind frames, and I imagine this to be how their feelings (or just Booth's so far) would be brought to light if they were indeed real people. No passionate consummation, no overflowing of tears, just thoughtful - the way it ought to be.