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Fic: Four Places Booth Wants to Kiss Brennan--And One Place He Did (5/5)
Family - lerdo
Title:  Four Places Booth Wants to Kiss Brennan--And One Place He Did (5/5)
Minor ones for Santa in the Slush.
Characters:  Booth, Brennan
Rating:  PG-13 for a wee bit o' language.
Summary:  Exactly what the title says.
Disclaimer:  Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Note: 
Thanks, once again, to okdeanna  for the prompt.

OK, so this could probably continue indefinitely because I bet there are fifty or more places where Booth wants to kiss Brennan. ;) These have been fun for me to write, so if anyone would really like more, let me know. Because they're all separate one-shots, this would be easy to pick back up again. (I'd just have to change the title.) Otherwise, consider this complete.  The poor guy needed a little relief. *g*

Oh, and by the way, there is a reference to another tv show in this part; let me know if you catch it. :)

Click here for fic index.
Click to read Part I. 
Click to read Part II.
Click to read Part III.
Click to read Part IV.

*giggles like a loon*
I loved grumpy Booth and his unlucky day which got really really better!!!
That was so sweet and funny and cute!! Why won’t they hook up already…?

"What does your having a bad day have to do with not taking the correct exit?"
Oh God!! *dies* I’m in love with Brennan… and I’m surprised Booth hasn’t killed her yet… true love!!

*thank you*

*laughs* Brennan drives Booth crazy (and vice versa), but anyone can see they adore each other. :)

Thanks for reading and feeding!

Fantastic! So lovely, and the dialogue, again, is perfection.

Thank you! Their banter is always fun to write. :)

*squees at story*
Serenity now! almost as good a line as 'no soup for YOU!'

So. Adorable! I love this part best of the five WONDERFUL parts. Love him getting caught up in his own fantasy till she has to say his name over and over, love his vision of freckles forming all over where he could kiss them, love the "I told you so." Love it all.

ETA: And apparently I loved it last time too!

Edited at 2008-06-08 01:13 am (UTC)

ooo this was fun! :)

is this format from a challenge or do you have another name over at fanfiction.net cos I'm sure I've seen other stories along these lines ... but I don't think i've read this one before. or do you have a copycat stalker?

I adore it (especially that part 2 places he wants to kiss her is her breasts LOL!)

Perfect characterisation as always. "Have you gone insane?" LMAO. I could totally imagine Brennan asking that *squeee*

am off to read the secrets one :D

Ok, i loved that, was totally cute. If only all my shitty days turned out so well!

Guh, this is so gorgeous. An explosive kiss like that is always good! And I could totally see this happening on the show.

Oh show, give us some kind of pay off before we all go insane...