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Myers Briggs Personality Type
Buffy (One Girl) - lerdo
To anyone who cares to answer, what's your Myers Briggs Personality Type? 

I'm an INFP.  Descriptions here and here.  Now, I don't think any psychological profile can completely capture the complexity inherent in each individual person, but I do think Carl Jung, Katharine Cook Briggs, and Isabel Briggs Myers were on to something.
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I'm an INTJ (but it was an online test, so...)

Psychology fascinates me, although it's true that it is an inexact science, if it is one at all.

I didn't take the test, but reading over the types, I'm somewhere between INTP and INTJ

I took that for one of my classes a few years ago, I think, but I don't remember what I was said to be. I'll have to take it again.

I haven't taken the test because I think you could fiddle the results if you have a bit of intelligence. Having read the descriptions I would see myself as mostly INFP with caveats on the work scenario.

I would say idealism would be replaced by a superiority complex where I find difficulty finding people who measure up to my expectations. Sounds very condescending when I read that again, but I often find myself thinking: 'Why don't they know that?' Actually, it probably is idealistic!

I am a great admirer of Carl Jung's approach to the psyche; Freud just seems mechanical and narrow in how he assessed the psychological make-up of a personality. Phew! I need a drink now.

Back in the day (1999-2003, IIRC), I was running a program for college freshmen who hadn't a clue about a major or a career. Most of them ended up taking the Meyer-Briggs (the MBTI, as it's called) to help them make their decision. It's whiz-bang and very, very, good. However, the best way to take it is "for real", for their small fee, not online. The "for real" way will tell you much, much more, and it's very useful.

i'm an enfj -- sounds about right :) but i agree -- this is online, so not necessarily the most accurate results. :)

ENTJ. I use Myers Briggs a lot at work; it helps put interpersonal things in perspective for me (i.e. "It's just the way they are... It's because they're X and I'm Y...")

I did the evaluation seven years ago or so, and I'm an INFJ, though I didn't score particularly strongly in any of the categories. I'd be interested to take it again to see if I've changed at all in the interim.

I did this for a class recently "for real" and I turned out to be an INTJ, although I wasn't super-strong in some of the categories. After the class got their results, however, we split up into groups with similar personality types and were given a task to do. Interestingly enough, all the groups approached it according to what the MBTI said they valued (structure vs. spontaneity etc.) and we all agreed it was easy to work with our group members because we'd often have the same ideas or thought processes.

Also, not very much into psychology but I like Jung and some of his ideas. For that psych class our professor had us write a paper where we wrote stories based on pictures and then analyzed them for a common theme, the professor's theory being that whenever we write, or create, there is a thread that runs through all of it based on what we've gone through in life. I definitely found some truth to that.

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