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Tell me a secret

If you feel so inclined, please come tell me a secret--any secret.  Feel free to post as many as you want.  Just do it anonymously; I'll do the same.

And if it wasn't already obvious since this post isn't f-locked, we don't need to be "friends" in order for you to comment.

We all have secrets, don't we?

ETA:  I'm not judging you—any of you.  It is my personal belief that people are tremendously complicated and nuanced.   It is my privilege to read your secrets.  Your responses reinforce my belief that everyone has a story to tell, if only we're ready to listen.

I want to hug every single person who's commented on this post.  Despite the differences in our individual secrets, we all have hungers and fears that regardless of whether we're ashamed of them or not, aren't easy to share with other people.  Those things unite us and makes us beautifully, tragically human. 
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