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I have finally lost my mind.
Why else would I be listening to Britney Spears' Piece of Me?   *cries*

Somebody save me, please.

ETA:  Thank you for the intervention.  Who knows what would have happened if I listened to it BACKWARDS!?

Edited again because I iz a whore for music--even if it can only loosely be termed "music".  And no one ever accused me of having good taste. 

So I'll be honest:  I like Piece of Me.  And Toxic. 

*sigh*  There goes my street cred.  Ok, so I didn't have any to begin with. *g*

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You are clearly in a delusional state or have winter sickness. Warm milk and a couple of cookies might help. Whatever you do, don't write while under her evil influence. I have never recovered from Hit me baby, one more time.

Mmmm... Cooooookies!

Whatever you do, don't write while under her evil influence. I have never recovered from Hit me baby, one more time.

*shudders* Excellent advice. Who knows what would come out if I wrote while listening to that. Booth might start fantasizing about Zack. *g*

I am now listening to Keane as a means of cleansing my ears and psyche.

(Deleted comment)
Good thing you received intervention before I logged on!!

[passes hot cinnamon-apple tea and oatmeal/raisin cookies.]

There was an intervention, but it only worked temporarily. I have since surrendered, as I am a whore for music. Even if it can only loosely be termed music.

I don't believe I've ever actually heard that song.

Thank the gods.

However, I do have Hanson's "Great Divide" on my iPod.

*hangs head in shame*

If it makes you feel any better, my friend found her old Backstreet Boys cd one night and we proceeded to demonstrate that we still knew the words all the way to the pool hall.

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Hi, my name is Gema and I love most of the early Britney Spears' songs. LOL

I mean, I can't recall that song now, I'll search. ;)


From what I've heard (I don't listen to the radio) her current album is actually supposed to be quite good. So, no guilt. Doesn't mean she's not bat shit crazy.

That makes me feel slightly better. It's ok, I've come to accept that I like that song. I'm sure that says something horrible about me, but so be it. *g* And yes, she is "bat shit crazy." I feel sorry for her. Poor girl.

you know, even if brit-brit is a colossal fuck-up as a mother, her tunes are sorta catchy. ;) totally would not blame you if you listened to her every so often. after all, my mom is the one who got me addicted to Pink! She likes to listen when she's cleaning house. :)

I love that your mom listens to Pink when she cleans. I love God is a DJ and Who Knew. There; I've outed myself. *g*

And yes, some of Britney's songs are catchy, as evidenced by the fact that I am listening to Piece of Me right now!

I really believe Britney's songs have a hidden message saying you have to listen over, and over.

That's what I'll tell myself in order to make this easier to swallow. ;)

Have you watched the Piece of Me video? 'Cause I love it.

If you know Dane Cook, it's like a car crash....

im ashamed to say this, but, i actually like her album. its so damn catchy!

ive also decided, since i spend my time daily here, that i shall friend you :)

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