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Heads up on friending/defriending

Cut for boring stuffCollapse )

Life has gotten to the point where I'm not checking my comm filters much these days. However, I've been missing your fic and posts and what not so I've friended you so I can put you on my LJ Friends filter :)

You don't have to friend me back. I'm sure your friends list is crazy as it is, lol. I just wanted to give ya a heads up ;)

Hey, Avery. :) By now you've probably noticed that I added you back. *g*

Even if we don't know each other, I'd like to add you as friend with the hope to be able to know you well. I love your works and I'm more than willing to comment as much as I can. You don't have to friend me back, I just want you to know :)

I swear I'm not a drama queen. Actually, I generally hate being the center of attention and much prefer to observe. :)

Uh huh. Yeah, right, L. :-P

You know I love ya, girl!

And why do I have this... inkling that you're going to get me hooked on Bones fic? I just started watching this year, and damn.

Hey, good thing I saw this since I JUST friended you.

Anyway, I don't comment for every single post, but usually if you ask for advice on something or something really sticks out to me, I will.

Er, well, can't really think of anything else to say, except that my name is Sophie, and it is nice to erm, meet you.

hi there!
so i am speechless. well nearly. i just finished the 8 chapters you've written of "what would happen if we kissed?" i'm super new to the bones fandom and, as is my fannish wont, was trolling for fic and am so so so lucky to have found you via 206_bones. my goodness, you can write the socks off booth! and brennan--she's challenging to capture yet you do! and my my the hotness of the hotness. i can't wait to read the rest of your wonderfulness and am hoping you'll be updating this wip soon. i'm looking forward to seeing what the fandom's like when the show is actually airing. i'll happily friend you and be glad to see you on the interwebs.

Hi honey, Just wanted to drop you a comment to let you know I'm going to friend you. You're one of the few writers from the 206_bones community whose work I avidly look out for. A lot of the rest of the stuff on that comm just doesn't interest me but it fills up a lot of my flist. Hope you're having a good one :)

Hey you. :) I associate your name/icon with Blood Ties drabbles. I'm touched that you enjoy my stories; thank you for telling me that. Fiction is so personal. One person's trash is another person's treasure. There's something for everyone, which is a good thing.

I've always been a Bones fan but I only recently (yesterday) started having the itch to read Bonesfanfic. I've stuck to the Harry Potter fandom in that respect. I'm really glad that I managed to stumble upon your writing. It's nice to get good quality on the first try :)

That's really it. I just wanted to stop by and say hi.

Hello, and welcome. :) Thanks for taking the time to "introduce" yourself. I really do appreciate it.

I've always been a Bones fan but I only recently (yesterday) started having the itch to read Bones fanfic.

I've done the reverse; while I've read all the HP books, I rarely read fic in that fandom.

I'm really glad that I managed to stumble upon your writing. It's nice to get good quality on the first try :)

Aww... Thank you! *blushes and smiles*

I'd like you to know that I am friending you - I'd love to keep up with your fic without having to keep up with the bones communities. Feel absolutely NO pressure to friend me back... my LJ is mostly me talking about going to Grad school, my passion for all things Japanese, my job, and the other fandoms I belong to - I rarely blog about Bones unless it's episode night. I just love your writing too much to not keep up with it. :)

Thanks for the heads-up. I added you back a while ago, though I'm only now responding to your comment. :)

I've already had you as a friend a while but so if you want to do me back...lol that sounded dirty. And here's the community

I like dirty. ;) I added you; thanks for the heads-up.

Hey, I friended you (a while ago) and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind friending me back? Thanks!

Hi there. I added you back. And I tried to respond to your personal message some time ago, but I couldn't. I got some weird message about your security settings. I change/rotate my header, so I'm sure I'll use the Bones/Buffy one again at some point. If you're OK with that, I have no problem with you using it, too, with credit. Thank you for asking. :)

Sorry I am Lame, but, I don't know who that guy is in your new layout? Not DB but the other?

That's Jamie Bamber. He plays Lee Adama on Battlestar Galactica.

Hi there,
Sorry to bother you, but I'm looking for where I can find the pretty Bones icons you make. Am I in the right place?

PS Love the SatC header ;-)

Hi. :) Yes, you're in the right place. Everything's viewable by tag, so my Bones icons are all HERE.

PS Love the SatC header ;-)

Thank you! :D

*hi* wow i just read your post on why you write and journal, theres something to be said for reading someone else words and being able to relate its crazy that the world works that way! =) friending

Won't you be my neighbor? *grin*

I've added you, and, like you, do not have the Crazeh!Drama!Queen thing going on with friending/unfriending, but if you'd like, I'm glad to be friended back. :-)