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Heads up on friending/defriending

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Nice post - I like it!

BTW absolutely loving your new banner - oh my!

I totally agree and I was one of those people who originally friended for the fic. Then I stop being active on LJ, and eventually deleted my original journal and made this one. So, I do plan to be a more active friend in the future, just to let you know.

Hi there! We'd like to friend you to keep an eye out for future awesome fanfic we can feature :-)

Plus, you seem like a pretty cool person, and I'd like to friend you under my personal LJ, "starryseed". :-)


Why hello! :)
I absolutely ADORE your Bones fics (you have a real knack for writing), and well... I just felt like adding you, frankly. And I'm sorry for the bad reason, but yeah. D:

So friends? :D

Hi there! New friends are always welcome. :) Your reason for wanting to add me is plenty good enough for me. And thank you; writing is a huge part of who I am, so it makes me happy that you've enjoyed my Bones fics.

I friended you when I first joined live journal, not understanding there was etiquette for this sort of thing, like actually commenting on a persons journal so they have some kind of idea who you are. A newbie I was! Sorry!

Please -- no apology necessary. :) It's all good, and I just added you.

I'm new here on lj and I mmm kinda bumped into you, well not exactly you your journal actually.
Anyway I read almost all B&B drabbles you wrote, and I must say I'm in love with them, and that was main reason why I added you, I'm still thinking what to put in comment to them because I really don't want to sound lame(still most of the times I am) but you're such a great writer and person, that I have problems, but that's not the point, my point is I hope you don't mind I friended you=) ok I think that's all I had to say(I'm so sorry if you don't understand my ramblings) Take care!!!

i friended you coz i was already a fan of your fics in fanfiction.net:) I am so new to this site, and it's a bit confusing on how to work things out in this site...but it seems really interesting:)

i'll definitely read more of your fic:)


I'm fairly new to Bones fandom (by fairly I mean I got hooked this summer and am frantically trying to catch up) and I stumbled upon your wonderful fics last night. I left a comment on one of them, but I'll repeat it here: your characterizations are wonderful and everything I've read this far have made me smile.

I was taking a look at your interests and saw we have quite a few in common so I'm going to friend you. Would you mind friending me back?

PS-sorry for rambling :)

i added you as a friend, and just thought i would let you know. no need to add me back or anything, i'm just a huge fan of your fic, and it's an easy way to keep track of new things!

Hey, just wanted to give you a heads up that I friended you. and since my LJ is relatively new and kind of sickly, I wouldn't mind if you friended my back *grin*. I love your Bones fic, and also, it looks like you're due around the same time a good friend of mine is. anyway, hope everything is going well for you.

Hello :)

I hope it's ok that I friended you, I'm such a big fan of your work and would love to keep up with all things new.


Adding you for your fic (because your fic is the best I've come across for Bones in a very long while!). Feel free to add back (or not). I have the same sort of friending policy in place, so.. whatever works. :)

Ditto bright_blonde. :) Keeping track of your fics. I'm new to Bones and I'm a Fringe fan - that's how I found you in the first place. You know, over at the what did you call it - the seventh circle of hell? LOL Don't post much myself but love to make new friends.

So I think I'm pretty much in love with you fanfics, as well as your icons and graphics. Your current header? (Gnuh. Stunningly gorgeous). Would you mind if I added you as a friend? :)

Hi there. No, I don't mind at all. New friends are very welcome, though I have to be honest and tell you that I had a baby 7 weeks ago, so the Bones ficcing is few and far between right now, though I'm still a fan. *g* If you're ok with that, welcome! :) And thank you very much for your generous comments about my fic/art.

im just letting you know that ive friended you, hope you wanna friend me to :)