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Heads up on friending/defriending

Cut for boring stuffCollapse )

In that case i'll drop you a line saying hi and that a friend of mine recommended your bones fic, and i love it! :)

Hey, am adding you because, well you rock. Your Bones fic is incredible. Also, I totally missed the fact that you were back and writing again already (you recently had a baby, right? CONGRATS!), so am now all behind and stuff and sincerely wish to avoid that happening again in future.

Hence, friending. :)

Have a look at my user info and feel free to friend me back if you think we'll get along - my whole journal is f-locked. Equally, won't be insulted if you decide not to!

Have a nice weekend!

I am a huge, huge fan of all your fic... you are one of my fave writers on ff.net and I am so psyched to have discovered your LJ page. Speaking of, I'm new(ish) here... friends?

And keep 'em coming! You rock!

Absolutely. :) I've added you back. And thanks for the lovely compliment; you've made my day.

Hey. I absolutely adore your writing, and would love to add you as a friend, if you don't mind?

Okay. Hi. :) I discovered your writings about a month ago? Maybe? And I left a comment on one of your fics letting you know I was going to add you. I did, but I didn't hear anything back from you, so I figured there was just a lot of personal stuff in here that you probably didn't want some random stranger reading.

But then you added me back last night! Don't get me wrong, that's fantastic, and I'm very excited! I just feel like I haven't touched base with you at all. Plus, I voted in the affirmative for the baby filter, so I didn't want you to think I was just some weirdo.

I feel very privileged that you added me back, haha! I understand if you don't have the time to comment, I really, really just wanted to delurk myself around your journal. <3

I'm going to add you, just because I love your fic and it'll be easier for me to keep up if/when you update new stories this way. Feel free to friend me back, but I won't take it personally if you don't. :-)

Could we possibly be friends? I'm new to the Bones fandom and after someone pointed me to your fics, I fell in love with your writing!

Wow, I feel so good after reading this. I'm not the only one.

Good morning! (Er...afternoon maybe, depending upon where you are...)

I nearly got myself beaten this morning by the rest of the fandom when I mentioned that I hadn't read your fics. Apparently, I am missing out on something GREAT because everyone had phenomenal things to say about you and your writing.

Anyhoo - I figured I could introduce myself, so when you see random comments/reviews here and on FF.net you wouldn't be surprised. :)

My name is Alanna, I live in Nebraska, 24 (though, I'll be 25 in 30 days. Woot!), HUGE Bones fan, fanfic reading professional (been reading fic since I was 12....back in my XF days).

I know you said I don't need permission to friend you, but I just wanted to give you a head's up.

So now that I've talked your ear off, I'm off to friend you and to start reading your fics.

Have a great day! :)


Hi, Alanna. :) I have a 9-month-old who wants to play right now, but I will be back to respond to the rest of your comment. In the meantime, welcome. LSQ and Space told me to expect you. *g* I've added you here and on Twitter.

Nice to "meet" you; looking fwd to getting to know you!

Hi there,

First of all, I love your intro post, seems very honest!

Second, looks like we have a lot of friends in common and I can't forget Bones (That's the most important thing hehe), and a few more things, such as Lie to Me and Supernatural! YAY!

Also, I was recommened some of your fics, but to be honest I haven't read them yet, but it's on my "TO READ" list and I can't wait to get to it.

I'm going to add you, please add me back!

I can't wait to get to know you! yay!


I'm slightly confused now as to whether I'm actually supposed to comment here or not, but yes, I'd like us to be friends on here if that's okay?

I promise I'm not just here for fic. :P Obviously that's how I found you originally, but... we have a fair few friends in common, and idk, I'd just like to get to know you.

Thoughts? *g*

Friending you because I've fallen in love with your Bones fic, and I figure someone who's a Bones fan has to be good. And I like new friends! :)

Hey there -

I found you through your TVD fic post today, enjoyed your use of language in the fic, and decided to check out your journal. Like yours, my LJ is partially open and partially friends-locked, though I'd say most of my entries are personal in nature. We share some interests (besides TVD), so I thought I would friend you. Feel free to friend back, but I won't be offended if not.

Hello, and thanks for introducing yourself. :) Thank you, as well, for letting me know you enjoyed my use of language in whichever story you read.

I agree that we do seem to have some common interests; that's good enough for me. I've gone ahead and added you. It's a pleasure to "meet" you, and I look forward to getting to know you better.

Hi! I read your Vampire Diaries fanfiction (all of it, twas a joy) and I read where you said you'd like more friends who were interested in TVD. I thought, "Me too!" I write fanfiction as well, it was kinda the reason I got an LJ (an LJ that is at this point very underdeveloped), and for that reason I'd loooooove it if you'd friend me back. I need readers. :) Anyway, it's nice to cyber-meet you. :)

Uh, can I still be a friend? I know I don't comment a lot but I am interested. BTW why is the date on your most recent posts January 2020?

Hi there. I believe we are already friends! :)

To answer your question, the date on some of my posts is Jan 2020 because putting a future date like that keeps those posts "pinned" to the top of my layout, for easy access for anyone who might be looking for friending info, a fic list, etc.