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Sunday afternoon randomness

Went back to sleep; now I feel like hell.  *blinks*


From Gail Collins:  A Voter's Guide

Is there any other conceivable downside to going with the man of honor?

We currently have an occupant in the White House who has spent the last five years sticking to his principles. You can see how well that worked out.

Well said, Ms. Collins. 


We went out to dinner with some friends last night.  Six of the other folks were new to us.  One of them was especially entertaining because he was rather free with his decidedly NOT PC comments.  A couple gems re:  his thoughts on Hillary Clinton:

1.  Every time he sees her, he thinks to himself that she couldn't handle one man, so how would she handle a whole country of them?

2.  When she talks, he thinks, "Oh, another whiny female."  Already plenty of those in his life; why would he want one as president?

I'm positive he isn't the only person who holds these kinds of opinions--whether secretly or quite openly. 

I support Obama, but not because Hillary's a woman.  *shakes head*  Fuck.  Have we really not come further than this? 


I'm going to upload a couple random tracks:

The Devlins - Waiting

John Barrowman - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Be back with more later.  Feel free to snag with or without comments. *slouches off in search of caffeine*


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