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Oh, yay.
From the annals (or is it anals? *g*) of fic reviews:

"The characters may be a bit OOC, but that is the main purpose of fanfics, isn't it?"

"May need a bit of work but any story that has BB and Brennan eventually ymarried [sic] and pregnant is a winner in my book ! !"

That's it; I'm done. 

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You forgot the part with the conversation where Booth is all worried about Brennan not wanting kids but it's okay because she suddenly doesn't mind at all that she's pregnant and thinks that being a mom is going to be the greatest challenge of her life and even her work won't be anywhere near as important now b/c she has the kids who are the cutest babies ever to be seen and Seeley (not Booth) to protect her from all of the big bad men that are out there in the world. *SQUEEEEEE!*

*takes a breath and rolls eyes* Don't forget. In bad!fic, punctuation is purely optional. :D


Decent grammar, spelling, punctuation, and characterization are all purely optional. *g* Punctuation? What is this punctuation of which you speak?

*pretends to be a bad!fic writer and tilts head to side* Dunno. Punctua.... Can't be that important. Lemme look it up.


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