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Oh, yay.
From the annals (or is it anals? *g*) of fic reviews:

"The characters may be a bit OOC, but that is the main purpose of fanfics, isn't it?"

"May need a bit of work but any story that has BB and Brennan eventually ymarried [sic] and pregnant is a winner in my book ! !"

That's it; I'm done. 

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Bwahaha! I actually read that first summary and thought "uh, pass!"

I've been having so much trouble finding really good Bones!fic. I don't know if it's the age of a fandom, or simply that the good writers are off doing something else (the exception being you, of course :)

My previous fandom was Buffy, and there were many good writers and absolutely wonderful authors. Folks who knew the difference between 'we're', 'where' and 'were', could keep characters within character, and understood proper punctuation and paragraph formation.

I just miss the days where I could spend hours poring over great writing, without coming across any "I toatlly suck at sumaries but read anyway... dont forget to R&R!!"

*sigh* Thank the Lord you're around!

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