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Proximity (Ficlet #29)
Temperance - lerdo

Title: Proximity
Series:  All That Lies Between Us
Word Count:
300, 301, or 305 (Different counts from different counters. Hmm...)
Timeline: Takes place after Santa in the Slush
Spoilers:  For Santa in the Slush.
Rating:  PG

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When Brennan peers into Angela's office, it takes her eyes a moment to adjust to the dim light. A rustle and a soft laugh attract her gaze. Her friend is seated, and Hodgins stands in front of her, his head bent. They don't touch, but there is something undeniably intimate about the scene.

Heat floods her cheeks; she has no desire to intrude upon a quiet moment that has nothing to do with her. Her question can wait. As quietly as she can, Brennan backs out of the doorway before they notice her presence.

Unsettled, she rushes down the hall toward her office. A hand on her shoulder startles her, and she whips around, muscles tensed.

"Whoa, hey, Bones. Relax, it's just me." Booth stands behind her, hands raised in a gesture of surrender. But he is close--close enough that she can smell his aftershave, cologne, or whatever good-smelling concoction he has sprayed on himself. His physical proximity draws her mind back to Angela and Hodgins, and she steps away. Has Booth always stood this close to her? If so, why hasn't she noticed it before?

His gaze dances over her face, sharpening as it lingers on her cheeks, and she knows he sees the flush. An almost effervescent sensation rises in her stomach, and her brain rushes with questions, with flashes of Angela and Hodgins, and of her and Booth, and that kiss that really, truly didn't mean anything. Something is happening to her, and she doesn't like it, and Booth is looking at her with a frown of concern, and she really can't deal with this--whatever this is--right now.

So she does the only thing she can: she strides away from Booth, ignoring his surprised exclamation, and heads toward the ladies' bathroom--where he most assuredly won't follow her.

Author's Note: This morning I received an email that said, "Get what you have been missing all your life by clicking here." I clicked, but Seeley Booth didn't materialize in my living room. What did I do wrong?


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*g* Sorry, I couldn't see her credibly doing anything but freaking out at this particular moment.

By the way, I receive mails for increasing the size of my penis every day. I've never clicked because I was afraid to get one of my own, but great to know these things don't work. ;)

hahahahahaha *hugs you*

Thanks, my friend.

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