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Happy Valenblah blah blah
Like Kissing Your Brother - fan_cifully
I think Valentine's Day is an abomination created to torment single people and otherwise perfectly happy couples. Too much pressure, too much commercialized "love," and too many pink hearts. But OMG, lolcats/animal macros, where have you been all my life? Yesh, I iz eazily amuzed.

funny pictures
moar humorous pics

Funny Pictures
moar humorous pics

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Hee :) I'm with you on valentines - hubby and I don't do anything for it at all and everyone thinks we are so boring and have lost all romance in our relationship. Nope, we just don't choose to use Hallmark cards and chocolates... and one solitary day of the year to show it in. Grrr.

But yeah, cute cat macros - I have a friend in the doctor who fandom who is addicted to these. She makes comics out pics of her own cats. She's crazy, but they is cool.

Thanks for sharing the hilarity!


You and your hubby sound like me and my hubby. :) It's nice to know we aren't the only attached people in the world who don't do the Valentine's thing. You don't prove your love by planning the "perfect" Val. Day dinner and gift. Whatever happened to spontaneity, authenticity, etc.? Not to mention how much pressure there is on people to get everything "right."

The animal macros are silly, but I really am easily amused. *g*

Hee :) Me too.

Nice to know we're not the only normal couple out there LOL.

Hub just told me the middle aged women in his work have been on at him all day about being a miserable git for not buying me anything.


*g* And so it goes! BTW, I meant to ask if you watch Torchwood.

Oh yes, I do... although I have a love/hate relationship with it (and with some of Doctor Who). It's hit and miss, but generally when bad it's funny iykwim.

It is set/filmed in Cardiff were I lived for the last 12 years since uni (now live in a town 6 miles north).

K x

I am celebrating International Quirkyalone Day. It fits me and my lifestyle way more than a celebration of some guy who's eyes were gouged out by the Romans and a little girl visited him in jail. Although - truthfully - there are a number of different Valentines throughout history that had gruesome things done to them.

Whee! Benton Fraser!!!

*composes self*

Sorry bout that. Happens everytime I see Paul Gross...

At the EXACT moment that I opened my gmail and saw your comment I was saying to my friend "I just want Paul Gross for Valentines day". Some sychronicity eh?
*loves PG right along with you*

oh, icanhazcheezeburger.com is one of my favorite sites!! i even have a feed for them on lj so i never miss a lolcat! XD

happy singles awareness/over-rated VD day!

Oh, Singles Awareness Day. I'm rockin' it up with chocolates that I bought for myself. Mmmm...Hersheys.

Who doesn't like lolcats?

My boyfriend and I also don't make a big deal out of Valentine's Day - we'll exchange cards, but don't do presents or go out. So it's not just you!

I definitely agree with you: Valentine's Day is terrible for singles. I am one of them and all my friends have boyfriends or girlfriends and, unless I want to play third wheel, I always have to pass a day totally on my own. :(
But your pictures were too cute!

I must not have a real social life, because not partaking in the valentine's day stuff doesn't bother me much lol

I luvs teh lolcats :)

I’m single and I don’t like this day but I don’t hate it either. It’s other any day.

The pics are funny! :D


I like Valentine's Day, mostly because my dad and stepmom both work for Hallmark, so anything that keeps the company in business is good. :)

My brother caught me looking at the cat macros over Christmas and was well and truly horrified, he thinks they're awful. I think they're hilarious. The Doctor Who macros are pretty funny, too.

My mom's birthday is today, so every Valentine's Day is just mom's birthday to me (but I do have the tendency to go overboard to compensate for both reasons). I've never really celebrated Valentine's for that reason, and that's okay with me.

*makes high pitched sound only dogs can hear*

They're soo cute!!

We're not much into Valentine's day, either. This year, we've ordered out--and my son has determined the restaurant, lol.

Oh, and your icon?! PRICELESS!!

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