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Revelations: A Parody
Like Kissing Your Brother - fan_cifully
So there's a parody challenge over at theboothexpress, and I couldn't resist writing a response for it.  I've deliberately kept it short in order to minimize pain.  Read it at your own risk.  *g* 

Please note this isn't how I normally write.  This is all for the purpose of parody. All errors and abuses of the English language are deliberate. Forgive me.

Every last word that follows this sentence is a part of the parody.

I got it and I loves it.

I'm sitting here with a massive grin on my face. I can see Bones in that scene with pigtails in her hair while she's writing to Booth. It's crappy, but it's fantastic. I hope you don't let people get to you, write a few more like this just to shake things up a bit.

Variety is the spice of life. ;)

Pigtails. Oh dear. *g* What an image!

It's horrendous, but in a twisted sort of way, I enjoyed writing it.

Thanks for reading this; I'm sure it hurt. :D

*falls into the floor laughing*

*g* Glad this made you laugh. Thank you!

(Deleted comment)
*giggles* I'm so glad this made you laugh. I've never watched GG, though it's on my list of shows I'll eventually try. I think that some people did take this story seriously. I'm not sure what to make of that.

Good work. Good times.

Thanks. :)

ugh, this is so bad I want to rip off my eyeballs. No, I mean, chocolate brown orbs - just like seeley's eyes. :P

ahahah xD

Loved the description on.. Silly's eyes xD

Loved the description on.. Silly's eyes xD

Ha ha Thank you, Sara. *g*

(Deleted comment)
Bwah! I've fallen out of my chair laughing. My sister and I *just* had a conversation yesterday about good writers deliberately writing horrific fic and all the terrible characteristics bad!fic holds.

Oh, all the details in this. Its too much. You rock my world.

Thank you. Thank you very much. *g* I had the best and the worst time writing this. I'm thrilled you were able to appreciate that intricate details in this. *winks*

absolutely hilarious --- and the major reason I read so few Bones ficcers: so much - so very much - is like this! MWAHAHAHAHA. still laughing. (It makes me feel so good, frankly. what an endorphin-builder. :-) )

Glad this helped a little when you were sick. More glad that you're ok now!

absolutely hilarious --- and the major reason I read so few Bones ficcers: so much - so very much - is like this!

I'm picturing that "Oh dear" Giles icon you have. *g*

I loved this. I think it's a cool idea. :D

Thank you, Sarah. I had fun deliberately writing bad!fic. ;)

I had my hesitations about clicking the link to this at first, but I figured you can do no wrong in the Bones fandom, and I was right. :) I loved it, and I totally wouldn't mind the occasional parody fic.

I don't blame you for hesitating to read this; I know it was a painful read. *g* Hopefully it made you laugh a little, too, though. Thanks for braving this fic.

*g* Glad this gave you a chuckle. Thanks for reading!

please tell me that none of your regular ff characters were hurt during the writing of this parody lol.

Well, they might have been bruised a bit. Nothing permanent, though. ;)

Thanks for reading, Misty.

Okay so yeah, once the singing started I had to quit. Lol. All I can say is I'm glad this is one time event. Your talent is too good to waste on bad fic :P

I don't blame you for clicking out of this one. It was painful to write and read, but I'll admit it was kinda fun, too. *g* Don't worry, I won't deliberately write bad!fic very often. Now, I might accidentally write it, but not on purpose. Not often anyway. ;)

Thanks for reading the first couple sentences. :P

Oh my.

You wrote BadFic.

I am floored and also in awe. Didn't know you had this in you.

Kudos! It was really quite bad. And I mean that in a good way. :D

It was horrible. *g* And yes, I did write bad!fic. I'm actually quite proud of it, though I don't plan to repeat the experience very often. ;)

Thanks for stopping to look at the train wreck. :D


Let me repeat: HA!!

I nearly inhaled my pudding (yes, pudding) whilst reading this. Makes for a lovely way to spend my pneumonia-filled afternoon, but I digress.


Sorry to hear you had pneumonia! I hope you're feeling much better now. Glad this made you laugh, though inhaling pudding probably wouldn't have been good for you. *g*

Thanks for reading this!