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Revelations: A Parody
Like Kissing Your Brother - fan_cifully
So there's a parody challenge over at theboothexpress, and I couldn't resist writing a response for it.  I've deliberately kept it short in order to minimize pain.  Read it at your own risk.  *g* 

Please note this isn't how I normally write.  This is all for the purpose of parody. All errors and abuses of the English language are deliberate. Forgive me.

Every last word that follows this sentence is a part of the parody.

I think you're giving bad!fic writers a little too much credit there in the beginning with sentences that actually sound like they might make sense. :o)

But bonus points for incorporating not one, but TWO songs into this amazing work of art. This is definitely something I'm rereading whenever I need to laugh at the absurdities of life.

PS. plZ dont stop here!!!!! (I hate when writers on FF.net hold chapters "hostage" based on how many reviews they receive. I definitely understand the need for some sort of feedback, but...*grumble grumble*)

I don't have a problem with song lyrics or quotes at the beginning of a story, but I have a definite bias against actual song fics. They irritate me.

The holding stories hostage thing drives me insane. I'm a writer; I understand the desire for feedback. But holding stories hostage pisses readers off and is just plain mean. It really, really bothers me. /end rant

This is pretty awful; I'm glad it made you laugh. *g* Thanks for reading!

haha I especially love how she misspells her own name. Brilliant in a sick kind of way.

Edited at 2008-02-18 05:04 pm (UTC)

I especially love how she misspells her own name.

She was under a great deal of stress. *g*

Thanks for reading and feeding; I appreciate it. :)

You're welcome. I iz still laffing. *grins impishly*

Aaah! Now I know why I don't usually venture out into the frightening world of badly-written fics. :)

This can't be anything but a joke.

Luckily it is *LOL*

*shudders* Definitely a joke. Thanks for reading. :)