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Sticks and Stones (Double Drabble #37)
Bone Lady - lerdo
Title: Sticks and Stones (Double Drabble #37)
Characters:  Booth
Series:  All That Lies Between Us
Rating: PG
Timeline:  During Season 3.
Prompt Table:  Romance
Written for:  drabble123
Prompt: #5 (Endearments)
Word Count: 200
Disclaimer:  Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me.  This story is purely meant to entertain.  No copyright infringement is intended.

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He gave her the nickname during the first days of their acquaintance, before they were partners.  When he'd stepped forward and offered his hand, she'd turned her elegant head, and he'd felt her look right through him.  The prettiest squint he'd ever seen, and she didn't even see him. 

That was all it took for the devil on his shoulder his mother had warned him about to sit up and take notice. 

Seeley Booth had never liked being ignored. 

Instinctively, he'd known he could make those cool blue eyes snap.  Just like he'd known he'd get Kate Donovan's attention by snapping her bra.  It had almost been worth the visit to the principal's office--and the subsequent kiss of his father's belt. 

Here was this woman in love with logic, reason, and science, and he'd known exactly how to take her from zero to sixty in ten seconds. 

He still did. 

But the joke was on him.  Because what had begun as a means to irritate an irritating woman, had transformed into something more dangerous. 

Who knew when it had happened?  Maybe around the time she stopped saying, "Don't call me Bones," and started responding like that really was her name. 

Author's Note:  Sorry I'm behind on replying to comments and messages; I'm trying to catch up.

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I always like your take on how they got from people who could hardly tolerate each other to pretty much best friends. These little snippets always make me feel like taking out Season 1 and watching it straight through :)

I agree, it's interesting to watch their progression because they're so different but somehow make room for each other in their respective worlds.

Yes, they're different, but I think they're also more similar than they realize.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks, Piper. For what it's worth, I think that started to change during the very first episode. That's partially why I wrote Decisions.

These little snippets always make me feel like taking out Season 1 and watching it straight through :)

Do it! :)

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