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A Booth/Brennan Vid Rec
B&W B/B - lerdo
ana_jo has posted a beautiful Booth/Brennan mvid set to Mat Kearney's Breathe In, Breathe Out.  If you love Booth and Brennan, please scoot on over here and take a look at what Kiska made.  Oh, and leave her some love if you enjoyed the vid. :)
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Lovely vid. You said exactly what I was going to say to ana_jo so I thought I'd just leave it with your comments. I would love to be able to make vids like that.

I’m in the office and I can’t see videos here. But in an hour I will return at home and I will see it. I love ana_jo’s videos.
Didn’t you see this? It’s awesome ♥


Wow, gorgeous. Have commented on her LJ.. fab to find some more great vids - her others are amazing too. Really want to be able to make vids. Have a lot of decent software thanks to my husband's degree, but lack the talent LOL.

Thanks so much for posting about her vid! :) I just watched it and it was one of the best BB videos, if not one of the best music videos I've seen period. I totally teared up and it reminded me why I love them the way that I do. And it really makes me want to get back into vidding. I used to make videos all the time, but I got frustrated, and stopped. I really need to get back into it again, and this video reminded me of that. :)

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