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Writing is good for your health.
Since we're on a journal site, I suspect many people may already know this, but I think it's worth repeating anyway:  writing is good for your health.  Check out these links for mentions of how writing impacts physical and psychological well-being:

Study 1
Study 2

So don't worry that you're being self-pitying or dramatic.  Venting is good for the body and the mind.  Turn your frustrations and your joys into words; you'll be healthier for it. 

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Gosh that makes me feel better... was just wondering this morning at how I seem to write more when I am worrying about something... was wondering if I use this writing lark (particularly fanfiction) as an escapism from real life. I suspect I do a little, but to know that it is so good for me all the same definitely helps :)

Writing and reading fiction are both ways of escaping life AND immersing yourself in it. But they're healthy, so indulge without any guilt. ;)

Nice to know that besides being fun, it's actually healthy! :)

Hi, Leah! Yup, writing is good for the soul. :)

i really need to start writing again i felt a lot better when i was writing.

Your icon is so cute, Misty. Writing is like fiber for the soul. :P

thanks the icon is of my niece Jamie. i posted a drabble on ff.net last night it's not very good but at lest it's a start i'm not posting the links in the bones communities on lj till i feel more confident. hopefully there will be more your drabbles inspired me to try again. thank you for that.

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