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Prismatic (Batch #1)

Click here for fic index.
Click here to read the rest of this series.

Oh, I like. It's an interesting style. I've seen it used before but your sentences have a bit more meat on them. Very cool. And #6 is hilarious, btw. hee.

Thanks, Avery. Glad you liked these. :) The idea came from 1sentence.

And #6 is hilarious, btw. hee.

Booth should be more careful. ;)

I've always adored the one-sentence concept, I can't wait to read more of these :D

Thank you, Ren. I had no idea these sentences would be so fun--or so difficult. :)

Woah, that was really excellent. My favourite:

she's turned him into a fucking cliché, but God help him, he doesn't care.

And Telephone reminds me of X-Files... War of the Coprophages, "Scully, what are you wearing?" I hope you're an X-Phile, and that made some modicum of sense ;)

Thank you, Dayna. :)

Actually, I'm not an X-Phile. I saw a few episodes years ago, and I liked them, but I still haven't gotten around to catching up on the entire show. Maybe I can manage that before the next movie comes out. Many Bones fans were X-Files fans first; there seems to be a huge amount of overlap.

I think it probably has to do with the fact that the dynamic between Booth and Brennan is quite similar to the one between Mulder and Scully - XF is my favourite show of all time, and Bones is at time really reminiscent of the great moments. :)

Fantastic! Premise and execution!

Ears is my favourite from above.

Again, you've inspired me, I think I might have a bash at this!