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Wednesday Smiles
I mostly post fannish things in this journal, but I think it's easy to forget that there is a real person behind the fic and the squeeing over Bones.  Same goes for other people, of course.   So I'd like to take a minute to acknowledge our humanity.

Please tell me something that made you smile this week, no matter how small.  Could be the snuggle your dog gave you on Monday, the song you discovered on Tuesday, or the way your significant other smiled at you today.  I'm going to try to post this every Wednesday for myself, and if you feel up to it, please respond—here, in your own journal, or elsewhere.   Feel free to post more than one thing and/or respond to other comments.

Why am I doing this?  Because I think it is far too easy to get caught up in the stresses, big and small, that we all experience.   Being able to focus on one positive thing, however small, can give one a valuable sense of perspective.

Why Wednesday?  I figure a little mid-week cheer can't hurt.  :)

If you feel weird about doing this in public, please comment anonymously.  I'm setting this entry to screen anon comments; I won't unscreen any anon comments unless you give me permission.  And please feel free to comment even if we're not "friends." 

I'll be back with my response.

I don't always get a chance to respond to all your smiles, but I read every single one.  They all leave me feeling a little bit lighter than I did before.  So thank you!  I hope you're all having a good week, my friends, and if you're not, I hope it improves.

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Fannish smiley thing: As a matter of fact, I did discover a new song this week. It's called "Coward" and I cannot get it out of my head. An instrumental version, years ago, was played in the Underworld film, but this song just came out, with lyrics that match the internal battles of the character perfectly. I feel as if I've been handed new canon.

RL smiley thing: I think I may have found a band that I can sing with; this gives me hope and a lot to look forward to. I'm so out of it that I don't even care that I'm ending my sentences with prepositions!

Here's a girly smiley. I took the car to the garage today because, you know, the brakes were making noises, and well I'm a girl so what do I know? Turns out they're just slow to get going in the mornings because of the cold. Just like me I thought. Hee hee. Lame I know but, remember, I'm a girl!

Anyway, it was all good because I arranged the MOT which should have happened while I was in America so that they can do it before I go and they'll come and pick the car up at work, so I don't have to faff about trying to get to the garage and back. Hurray.

When I got home the postman had been and I got 149 out of 150 right on my monthly postal quiz - moved up to League A. Woo hoo.

My friends and I are planning a thing for Easter. It's not a big trip but we'll get to see each other, which doesn't happen very often.

My niece learning to speak, mixing Spanish and Basque. She'll understand you in both, but will tell you words in any of them so random.

The next Spanish song going to Eurovision Song Contest. They made a contest for choosing which one will represent us next May, and this is the most voted. That was from a show similar to Jay Leno's, just trying to say: "We always send loosers, let's really send a LAME looser". They won't allow that, but I can't stop laughing imagining that guy performing that in Eurovision, the most voted!! If that happens I'll leave Europe. I better not translate the words, because it's the silliest, and one only needs to see him. LOL

I hope this week is going great for you.

My darling girl, who continually charms me into giddiness, learned how to say "snowman."

To travel in the company of animals is to walk with angels, guides, guardians, jesters, shadows and mirrors. I cannot imagine how it is to travel bereft of such excellent companions. In my journey, seeking to know animals more fully, wandering in their foreign lands, struggling for fluency in these other tongues, I found much more than just the animals themselves. As all travelers do, no matter how far they may go, no matter how exotic the terrain or bizarre the culture, I discovered myself.

~ Suzanne Clothier, Bones Would Rain From the Sky

I picked this book up again yesterday. I read that passage. It made me smile.

Edited at 2008-02-27 06:38 pm (UTC)

We had an earthquake! Admittedly it was a very small earthquake, but it was nice to have something interesting happen at 1am this morning. Also provided a whole range of "the earth moved for me last night" comments to make to my temporarily absent bf. :)

Seeing my last short story in print. It's something that always makes me smile. Being able to touch your new manuscript is great! :)

I have a new tone in my cellular, Bones theme *lol* I couldn’t put it but I have learned.

And this pic. I missed them.


I don't really have anything big for this week. I did learn that I have seen 27 of the 81 films that won Best Picture at the Oscars. How are there 81 films when there have only been 80 Oscars, you ask? Interesting fact: at the first Oscars they gave out a "Best Picture" and a "Best Production" award, which was molded into one for the next year. Right. So, I have vowed to one day see all of them. I made a list and everything.

i just bought 12 pints of fresh strawberries that are to be delivered in April. I'm addicted to strawberries! They're just so good. Yep, that's what made me smile today!

My best friend cheered me up today by talking to me in a silly voice... Sometimes it's just the little things you notice throughout your life that make you happy.

So it is spirit week at my school and I did not win once for best costume OH NO! I won twice!!
On Monday it was character day and I was Juno and my friend was Bleaker! I was shocked we won I go to a very conservative all girls school!
Then today was alphabet day (you had to be something that corresponds with the first letter of your name) I was Jukebox! it was amazing I played an ipod play and everything! I was os proud of myself and that was enough to make me smile but then the school voted me best costume AGAIN! NO ONE ever wins twice! it was awesome!

My cat did silly things while I was studying, or trying to study, business today. I think he was jealous of the book or something because he kept stepping on my stomach (i was laying in my bed) and punching the book with his head. It was funny, and I did smile. :)

I have several things to smile about, but since I'm pressed for time, I'll only mention one -

Aaron comes home for spring break on Saturday.

Today was a blur: no time to really contemplate anything until I arrived home and logged on.

Your fic made me smile; I love the way you write B/B.

Also, the Spouse walked in about 10 minutes ago and promised to spoon out some B&J's Cherry Garcia with chocolate sauce. Ymmm. [runs off to "spoon" with the Spouse.]

My best friend's baby son was born in the early hours of tuesday morning. We looked after her five yr old (best friend of my daughter) so we were back and forth to the hospital and felt very involved. We have known each other for 17 years and she had a seriously rough upbringing. Teary smiles all round to watch her being so happy :)

Well, it's friday but I hope it counts... After reading your journal, I decided to break the ice and actually comment. I'm starting with the smiles because I love the idea; it's a good thing to take a moment and realise that a lot of small things can me happy. I don't do it often enough.
My two smiles this week :
A) The fact that I survived my mid-terms!
B) The perfect shimmy I did in my bellydance class on monday put a great big silly smile on my face

Now that I've posted a comment, I want to let you know that I love all your fics, I've reviewed a few of them on other websites and that from now on I will post reviews more often. Hopefully that will put a smile on your face; I love making people happy.

Happy leap day!

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