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Prismatic (Batch #2)
B&W B/B - lerdo

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#15 sent a shiver down my spine! I LOVE the way you write Booth. You have such insight into his personality!

Thanks so much! Booth (and Brennan) are fun to write. :)

I really love this.. reasons thingy :D
Can't wait for more.. :D

Love #14

Happy you're enjoying these, Sara. Thanks for commenting. :)

Oh, I love this: Sometimes when their apartment is quiet except for the creaks, murmurs, and sighs that buildings and bodies make

What beautiful writing. That's one of my favorite qualities in a writer's technique: constructing a particular tone by imbueing even the most seemingly mundane, irrelevant details with that tone. For a sentence on death, it only seems proper to draw the comparison between the sighing of a building and the sighing of a body.

I'm amazed that all of these are single sentences. Firstly, isn't the semi-colon a beautiful thing? ;) As you've probably been able to tell from my comments, it's very challenging for me to be concise about anything. I even have a hard time with drabbles--I can't keep myself from elaborating upon everything. I've bookmarked your writing exercises for a week when work isn't quite so exhausting... I should try my hand once more at brevity!

Thanks for sharing, as always. :)

I really didn't think that it would be possible to be moved to tears with one sentence... but you did it four separate times with this batch. Amazing. I love the insight that you give me into these characters... you make me love them more than I already did.

Number fifteen. I can't even tell you why it's my favorite, it just is by a long shot.