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Prismatic (Batch #3)
Beautiful Bones - lerdo

Title:  Prismatic
Summary:  Fifty sentences about Booth and Brennan--together and as individuals.
Everything through The Santa in the Slush is fair game.
Word Count: 260
Rating:   PG-13 or T
Disclaimer: Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This piece of writing is purely mean to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.
Notes:  I owe a lot of people replies; I read everything, but I'm perpetually behind on responding.  Just please don't take it personally, as I'm not intentionally ignoring anyone.  My DH is in Toledo this wkend campaigning for Obama, so hopefully I can do some catching up over the next few days. :)


16. Hands

There are twenty-seven bones in the human hand, and the same hands that can wield a gun with lethal accuracy touch her with more gentleness than she's ever known before; it is the latter fact Brennan clings to in the face of every fear and doubt her mind manufactures whenever they are apart.

17. Smile

"I love you," Booth says one morning, and she can tell from the patient look he gives her that he doesn't expect her to say it back, but she's wondered for some time now what those words would taste like, so she touches his arm and says, "I love you, too," and the lingering sweetness in her mouth and in his smile convince her of the truth of it.

18. Forever

Eternity is for fairy tales and fanatics, but as she brushes her fingers over Booth's graying hair and watches his eyes move beneath his eyelids, she cannot help but wish they had at least a thousand more years together.

19. Devotion

The air is free of incense, and not a single wick flickers and burns, but in the darkness of their bedroom, the words they whisper and the way their bodies bend and kneel take on the spirit of sacrament.

20. Blood

Booth's face is bloody and bruised, but he's alive, and her relief is so great she wants to vomit, throw herself into his arms, and hit him for letting himself be abducted in the first place; logic and decorum dictate otherwise, so she settles for untying him and letting her eyes communicate what she won't allow her body to say.

To be continued...

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I am enjoying these. They are a soothing salve.

Thank you, Donna. That's how they feel for me, too. Again, I'm sorry for your loss. Your words about your great-grandmother touched me.

Thank you. I'm glad that you liked my words.

Lovely work, m'dear. 17 is probably my favorite ^_^

I didn't have time to comment on your last set when I read them but they were excellent as well :) Thanks for sharing all these with us.

Thanks, Avery. And no worries on not commenting on the last set. Not a big deal at all. :)

I particularly love 17. I can see her being extremely hesitant to say I love you.

Thanks. That's one aspect of their relationship that I love speculating about. Would she ever say it? If yes, under what circumstances? Would it be dramatic or just very simple? :)

Excellent. I particularly love #19, because I can see that as HER faith, as well as an extension of Booth's.

Thank you. :)

I particularly love #19, because I can see that as HER faith, as well as an extension of Booth's.

Precisely. Go you!

My favourite sentence are absolutely n°17 and 20. In my opinion, Bones could tell "I love you" or say it back to Booth under circumstances like the 20th sentence, something dramatic. Well, that's only my opinion :)
Again great work!

Thanks for sharing with me your thoughts on these sentences. I wrote #20 thinking of The Killer in the Concrete, and she definitely didn't say, "I love you" to Booth in that episode. However, everyone has their own interpretation of stories, so if you and other readers view 20 as occurring at some other time, I can certainly see why you'd think Brennan could say it then. :)

Anyway, thank you again for commenting. I'm happy you enjoyed reading these.

hey how'd I miss this one? lol. I love it, and your header....shirtless DB mmmm

*g* Looks like you didn't miss it at all. :) I'm glad you liked this. Thank you.

shirtless DB mmmm

*smiles* I haven't heard a single complaint about that yet.

I love the way you describe every sentence. It's amazing. :D

18 is the most surprising of all these and yet beautifully poignant and stays true to Brennan by allowing her the freedom of having had years in between to grow to this sentiment. I really liked it.

20. Is just fantastic and I don't know if you meant it to be a thought from The Killer in the Concrete but it read that way and I really liked it! :)

Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Jodie; I loved reading them. :)

Life and relationships change people in subtle ways; few of us are at 45 exactly who we were at 25.

I absolutely intended 20 to reference The Killer in the Concrete. I love that you picked up on that.

17. Oh, man. It's so tough to write Brennan in these situations while keeping true to the character, and you've done it beautifully (in a single sentence, to boot)! Bravo.

Thank you! Brennan's not incapable of love; she's just wary of it. She's already allowed herself to be so much more vulnerable over the course of the show. It's a lovely thing to witness. :)

#17 is just absolutely perfect!

Oh, thank you very much!

You are saying so many things and conveying so many feelings in such short sentences ..........
How could I say in a few words what I think ?
I know ;)

Thank you ;)

*g* That was brilliant; thank you. ;)

#20 is so intense!..

Love love!!

I love "Smile" because I think it is really in character for her to say it first and see how it feels afterwards.

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