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BSG2003 - Flight of the Phoenix & Pegasus
Kara - starpollocorner
I'm waaaay behind on BSG, so I just watched Flight of the Phoenix and Pegasus.

Oh, BSG, how I've missed you!

Starbuck takes Chief Tyrol's handmade Blackbird out for a spin and then promptly disappears.  Lee's panicking.  He goes from "Starbuck, where are you?" to "Kara, are you ok?"  *dies* 

Admiral Cain is scary.

Chief and Helo are sentenced to death?  #&&*#$(($

Adama:  "Call it whatever you like. I'm getting my men."

To be continued...

Frak--I don't have the next dvd.

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Heee! I just put the DVD in to watch Pegasus and the next few eps. I adore this show so very, very much.

I own Season 1 and Season 2.0 on dvd, and I went on a downloading spree today to get the rest of Season 2. :) Can't wait to see what happens next!

This show drives me crazy. When it's good, it's so very, very good but some of the eps are just so mind numbingly bad.

Hmmm... I'm assuming that means I can look forward to some pretty bad eps. :\

Oh, that's too bad. But I completely agree with you about it being amazing sometimes. I just watched 2x12, and I have to tell you I was just riveted. I also love the music on the show.

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