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Music Meme
melissa_pbfan tagged me for a music meme.
Music Meme

Name your top 5 songs from your 5 favorite artists/groups. Then tag 5 people to do the same.

Oh lord.  Asking me to pick favorites of music is pretty much a futile exercise, so I'll settle for picking five artists/groups I love and listing five of their songs that rock my world.  These aren't favorites; I'm just too indecisive to pick faves, but these are artists and songs that I will go to my grave loving.

With or Without You
Where the Streets Have No Name
Walk On
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for

Sarah McLachlan
Sweet Surrender
Into the Fire
Ice Cream
Dear God 
(This is an XTC cover, and it is fucking amazing.)

10,000 Years (Peace is Now)
The Beauty of Gray
Shit Towne
Lakini's Juice
White, Discussion

Toad the Wet Sprocket
Crazy Life
Whatever I Fear
I Will Not Take These Things for Granted
Hold Her Down
Something's Always Wrong

Tori Amos
Tear in Your Hand
Taxi Ride
Precious Things

I'm not tagging anyone; if you see this and want to do it, I'd love to see your list. :)

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I will love "The Joshua Tree" forever because I discovered U2 with this album but, perhaps, I prefer "Achtung Baby" (I love Ultra Violet, Who’s Gonna…, So Cruel,… ok, all songs).
But, actually, my favourite song is Sunday Bloody Sunday.

And, at this moment, I’m listening Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own. I don’t have a good week and I need sad songs.


I'm very sorry to hear you're having a bad week. *sends you hugs and good thoughts* Hope things only improve from this moment on, my dear.

Achtung Baby is a fabulous album. I love it to pieces, too. I can't pick favorites when it comes to music. Well, when it comes to most things, come to think of it. *g* Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own is lovely; there's a Booth/Brennan fic waiting for me in there.

I'm into a lot of singers and bands right now, but can think of 5 by Chris Isaak:

-San Francisco days.
-Don't make me dream about you.
-Wrong to love you.
-Somebody's crying.
-Two hearts.

I couldn't live and be happy without music. :)

OMG! You love Live!

I don't meet many people who love that band. I've been a fan of Live since Throwing Copper came out in '95, and you listed two of my favourite Live songs; Lakini's Juice and White, Discussion.


lol I know it's not easy to pick fav songs and not even easier to pick a band/artist. I know I'm mean. ;P

Okay and U2's With or Without You is my fav U2 song! I'm just in love with it.

Okay and U2's With or Without You is my fav U2 song!

Mine too!! It reminds me a lot of Ross and Rachel, I loved that couple in the first two seasons of Friends.

Oh I loved this glimpse in to your music favs. I am so in love with music, I'd be seriously hard pushed to choose between never listening to music again and never being able to write again (good job such a ludicrous choice will never be foisted upon me LOL).

I'm definitely going to snag this idea and do a list of my own :)

(god im starting to look like a creep with all of the comments im leaving. i promise im not stalking you!)

i LOVE tori amos 'taxi ride'. LOVE it. in another entry you were listening to placebo and now youre listening to john barrowman...clearly you have excellent taste. (lol im even willing to let the whole u2 thing go...)

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