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Separate fic, art, or fic rec journal?
I've a question, dear LJ friends and lurkers.  I know some people keep separate journals for their fic, art, or fic recs.  If you do that, have done that in the past, or are thinking about doing it, what's your reasoning?  What do you find to be the advantages and disadvantages?  Just curious.  Feel free to answer anonymously if you want.  

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I have a different journal for each of my major writing projects* (which I almost never update, unfortunately). You write a lot, so you could probably get away with having a separate journal for writing alone, so long as you let everyone know you've updated. Your Bones stuff is so brilliant, I don't know if I could do without. :)

*To be honest, the reason I do this is so I can make pretty banners and mood themes and other aesthetic stuff. I'm such a girl.

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I have separate journals for my "major" things - personal life (more or less), writing (which I hardly update) and photography (again, which I hardly update). The reason I have the different journals is it's better for me to organize them and keep comments in the same place I guess. But I created them, in the first place, because others did the same. For a while, I was very active in keeping them updated, but then as life took over or I got bored with them, I kind of stopped. Every so often I get this kick to want to update them and I start, but never finish.

I don't know. I don't have a fic or art journal since I suck at both. I have friends who have both and they rarely post on them and usually post on their own journal. If you like logging in and logging out then go ahead. You post a lot of fic sometime so it is to your convience.

I can barely keep up with one journal, sheesh.

[sigh.] Long story, short:

1. had personal and fic recs LJ.
2. wanted separate journals because the flist was way too long to keep up on a daily basis.
3. created InsaneJournal, JournalFen and GreatestJournal just for fic recs, keeping LJ for personal.
4. Received e-mails asking what happened to the fic recs; telling me they didn't like GJ/IJ/JF
5. Had problems with JF; GJ is all effed-up. Moved all the fic recs back to LJ. Still have IJ as back-up. Closed GJ and JF.

Thus: separate journals works for some people. For me, not so much. :-)

However, because you post fic so frequently, you might want to create a new journal that's just for personal entries.

I do find having two journals is inconvenient at times.... having to keep two sets of fic recs posted. It's not a problem when I post simultaneously. However, when I update...it's a disaster!

For a very long time, my LJ was for everything: fic, life, and whatever else.

And then I realized I was neglecting my domain in favor of LJ, as far as non-fic writing went. So now my LJ is allegedly fic-only, which means it's been vewwy, vewwy quiet over there of late. I miss the immediacy of the feedback from LJ, but that doesn't really pertain to what you're asking.

I'd say the advantages of having one place for fic and one for life are that I don't have to filter either - if someone's on my flist, they know they'll be seeing some sort of fiction when I post. If they read my other site, they know they'll be hearing about my life. I have rambled on and on without really saying anything. Yeah.

Basically, I think it comes down to personal preference. It doesn't bother me to read your fic and non-fic entries in one place, and it wouldn't bother me if they were contained in separate journals. I am, obviously, a huge help. :D

I've got friends who have tried both options, some have several journals, others keep everything in one place.
I guess in the grand scheme of things it doesn't make a big difference for me because there's pros and cons to each. Some people don't want their personal journals full of fandom stuff, others don't want to have to deal with switching back and forth between multiple accounts.
me = indecisive much? ;)

I don't write enough or create enough graphics to split up my fandom stuff and my real life stuff. However, if I were to decide to keep things separate, I think the best options are to either,

a) Create a new journal for my real life stuff. Why make the new one for real life stuff? Like with me, I'm recognized as tidbit2008, most wouldn't realize who I was if I started posting fics/graphics under a new alias.


b) Start a community for fic/graphic posts. By creating a community, you don't have to sign-in/sign-out, and you can pimp your fics using the alias you are recognized with. Having as many fic posts as you do, though, that would mean having to put in a bit of time to repost everything at the community.

I have friends who have as many as 6 or 7 different journals, and I have friends who have just one journal and one community and I have friends who have multiple communities. It all just comes down to what you want. And hey, if you try something and don't like it, there ain't nothing saying you can't go back to the arrangement you have now. If you decide to make a new journal/community for fic, wait a bit before moving everything and maybe give it a test run to see if you like it. If you don't, you won't have too too many entries to move back here.

i just feel like my fic is more organized if its in its own separate journal; especially if people are looking specifically for fic, so they dont have to slog through a bunch of personal crap that they dont care about. i mean i suppose i could create an index, like you have, but im too damn lazy and i never tag anything, so if i had been posting my fic with my regular journal (which i update on a fairly regular basis with all of my pointless ramblings), i would never find them. so, basically, just for sake of simplicity.

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