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Fic: Once Upon a Time (1/1)
B/B Across the Table

Timeline: Future
Word Count:
Rating:  PG-13 or T
Characters:  Booth, Brennan
Spoilers:  None
Summary:  It happened like this. Future fic.

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See, your fics are the kind of things that totally make my day. It's amazing how you're always able to capture these two characters and their relationship... Have you applied for a job with the Bones writers staff, yet? Again, you did an amazing job! Starving for more :-D

Loved it! I'm actually kind of glad it happened the way it did, without wild making out and such. Very subtle, very cute!

I like this precisely because it shows things happening without fanfare - much as I love the 'dramatic moments' of them getting together, sometimes it's nice to see it happen in an understated way.

It's so perfect...I really mean it!
I think that whenever they'll hook up on the show it should be quietly and tender like this *_*

The thing I liked the most here was their complicity. She asks him to stay not meaning for sex, and he doesn't need to be clarified, he understands what she meant. Cuddling, holding each other...

Sorry to disagree, but a smutty sequel for this probably break that complicity, that need of being together/near each other and the proof that they make love with any gesture. Smut is GREAT, but not here. ;)

I love them in your fics as much as I love them in the show. Great work.

I actually read this much earlier today, but then I had to dash off to class. I must say: I absolutely loved this. It works in a general progression of time without speeding through the development of their relationship, but yet cuts to the chase (ie: the pivotal scene when we know that they know they are so clearly Meant to Be). Does all of this babbling even make sense? Gah, it's excellent. There. I said it.

What she said, too! Wonderful, as always. And scoot over, I'm climbing on the sequel bandwagon.

Aw, that was great :) Can I jump on the smutty sequel bandwagon? ^^

*is wondering how to contain the happy squeal and avoid making the family think I really am loopy*

Loved this, it's so organic and real. It felt like a natural progression the way they went from friends to more so easily. There wasn't any long discussion about it, it just clicked. Great job :D

And I'm smiling like an idiot right now, not only because of this but also because I think my mom is watching Bones in the living room ;)

I think the thing I like most about this is their friendship. It's not hard to imagine this going on off-screen, as something we never see because it's not momentous.
Your fic is always a good thing, but after about two weeks of exams (and some not so great results) this was exactly what I needed, thanks. :o)

This is really good. I am in love with the idea of them just growing together, so this made me happy.

Oh, this is exactly how it would happen.

i LOVE this!! so easy and natural, so them.

ooh feel good. feel very good. i love it. bonus points for the spinach lasagne.

i love how they both knew. it has always been leading to this.