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Fic-To-Finish List
Fic To-Finish List:
  1. Unwell
  2. Four Secrets Brennan Will never Tell Booth--and One She Did
  3. Prismatic
  4. Into the Fire
  5. What Would Happen If We Kissed?
  6. Truth Serum
  7. Proximity
  8. Presbyopia
  9. Come Undone
  10. Christmas Magic
  11. Always On Your Side
  12. Between the Lines
*headdesk*  Fuck me.

What can I finish and post by April 14th?


Doesn't count because it'll continue until I get bored or a bored reader kills me:
  1. All That Lies Between Us

    What else I want to write:

    1.  I am afraid to list anything here.

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Please do not be overwhelmed. Just take it one letter, one word, one sentence at a time. Write for you, we'll be happy.

Just take it one letter, one word, one sentence at a time.

You are a very wise woman. :) Thank you.

Write for you...

I do. It's just that the perfectionistic side of me loathes the idea of leaving these unfinished for too long. *g*

You are a very wise woman. :) Thank you.

*snerk* No, no, thank you.

I know what you mean about that perfectionism. Deep breaths and baby steps.

*headdesk* Fuck me.

Hee :) When you write it out like that it seems a lot... but just know we all love receiving the updates whenever and however frequently they appear :)

Write what makes you wriggle with delight. You know the feeling -- that divine toe-curling, lip-pusring intrigue when you just can't wait to see where your characters will take you. If you don't feel that strongly about any one of the stories on your list -- try something new!

Or not.


ITA. Write WHAT you want, WHEN you want. We'll want that, too. :-)

Ah, the dangers of navel gazing. Just don't think about it and carry on. We'll read it.


How did I never know you had an LJ account?! OMG!

*hugs you*

Iz! *hugs you back* So good to see you here. :) I hope you're happy and healthy. Sorry I've been MIA. Real life got in the way, I stopped watching GH, and then Bones ate what was left of my brain.

How did I never know you had an LJ account?! OMG!

There's no way you would have known. Though I've had an account since 2003, I haven't been particularly active here until October or November.

You know, it's only been recently (the last six weeks or so) that I've become a regular LJ poster. I've had my account since 2002/2003, but never really used it. But I've made friends with some kick-ass girls, and I started using mine for fanfics and graphics. Mostly I just have icons up, but I love it. LOL

I'm so 'friending' you. ;)

If it were me? I'd try the Five Secrets one. Just cause I find 5 times fics to be slightly easier to write than a regular one shot. But that may just be me.

Just write for whichever one jumps out at ya. Or whichever one has been patiently awaiting completetion the longest. If all else fails, try eeny-meeny-miny-mo ;P

I never realized some of those weren't finished lol...but yeah just go one step at a time.

WWHIWK was the first of your fics I read and then I fell in love with your writing. Maybe I'm fond of that one over the other ones.

Anyway, I'm always happy to read any other thing.

I help to decide like hell, I know. ;)

Oh sweety, you don’t be overwhelmed. Write whatever stuff you want. It will be ok for me *hugs*
But… could I give my humble opinion? If you finish What Would Happen If We Kissed? I will die of happiness.


i really liked unwell *lol*
but i love your other stuff too!
it would be great if you'd write more unwell stuff, but you should write what you want...
thats at least what i think ^^

Love your icon!

I would be happy to read anything you write, so don't worry about it. Though if you were asking for votes, I'd go with WWHIWK, Presbyopia, and Five Secrets :)

See, I just don't post WIPs, but if I did my list would so outshile yours.

Ah, no I am not proud of this.

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