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The Wire
Tell Me a Story
I downloaded the final episode of The Wire.  The show finale--not a season ender.  It won't air on HBO until Sunday night; DH insists that we're going to stay "pure" and not watch till then.  *groan*  How will I resist the temptation to watch before then?

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Oh, jeez. here goes: You are feeling very sleepy....just stare at the dots.......deep breathe...in....out...Will not watch...Will not watch....


Please don't post spoilers. [trembles.]

I am so dreading that episode, because I don't want The Wire to end. I'm still upset at Omar's death....

and Prop Joe's.....

LOL Thanks for the hypnosis. It seems to have worked.

I would never post spoilers without a cut.

Can't wait for 9:00 pm today! Well, I'm also dreading it.

Omar's death was tragic but fitting, in an odd sort of way. To have such a mythic figure taken down by a boy--poetic and brutal justice.

Have you caught up on the previous seasons?

We'll have to chat further once it's over. I am crushed this show is ending. :(

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