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Worth 500 Alias Drabble

Crossposted to worth_500
Title: In the Shadows
Author: Lerdo
Fandom: Alias
Rating: G
Character: Irina
Spoilers: Future Fic

First time writing anything Alias and first time posting in worth_500. Hope it's ok.

Irina is still on the CIA’s Most Wanted List, but she would risk anything to not miss this precious moment in Sydney’s life. She melts into the shadows of the church and serves as a silent, hidden witness as Jack leads their daughter down the aisle. Even from this distance, she can tell that his eyes are moist, and answering tears well up in her own. If only things had been different. If only she could be sitting in one of the front pews holding Jack’s hand and dabbing at her eyes as she watches Sydney and Eric seal their vows with a kiss. Like normal people.

If, if, if.

But she and Jack aren’t normal people, and Irina is not a woman who dwells on regrets. So locking thoughts of what-ifs and could-have-beens into a tiny corner of her heart, she smiles through her tears and wishes her daughter all the passion and joy she experienced in her own marriage…and none of the pain and betrayal. She has always seen in Sydney’s dimpled smile something she and Jack haven’t had for a long time, if ever—a simple, uncomplicated love of life. She prays that time and impossible choices don’t steal that from her.

And then she leaves, vanishes, with salt on her lips and her womb empty and aching for the child she loved so fiercely for nine months in order to make up for the long, hollow years ahead.

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